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What is Panchtatva ?? 

Essentially, Panchtatva is a beautiful sanskrit word that means five elements (Panch = Five + Tatva = elements). It is often referred to the air, water, nature etc in ancient texts. 

We adopted this beautiful term for our lifestyle blog, christening it as PANCHTATVA THE ESSENCE OF LIFE (PEL) because it essentially speaks of five elements i.e. beauty, fashion, food, travel and miscellaneous stuff... that make us live a beautiful life everyday.

You will find articles, previews, reviews and posts related to all these tatvas under the five categories Beauty Box, Travelling Troika, Fash Frat, Food Fiesta and Treasure Trove (for all miscellaneous posts :) We try to look for new, innovative and interesting topics, that promise to ignite your senses in a positive way...

Team PEL : 

- editor.

Who am I? A fun-loving dreamer who can go romantic at a drop of a hat? or an adventure freak who can jump off the cliff at the drop of the hat? Or a simple girl who would like to spend quiet hours with herself? Yep! That's me... Tarry or Tarannum... A complete madcap Gemini...
A journalist all her career life, have now switched over to Corporate Communications but am still a freelance development journalist. Also am a professional photographer as well (need to showcase that side on the blog too ;) That's one side... Now the other... Have been into lifestyle and travel blogging from the past 2 and a half years... And that gave me not just new avenues, but many new friends as well. Launched my baby PEL so as to explore different waters in one boat :) 


Anuradha Manjul 

Travel Writer 

"Hi, I am Anuradha Manjul. I am neither a nomad nor a gypsy, but travelling is an essential part of my life. A graduate in English, an MBA with forte in Branding and Marketing, I have dabbled in many sectors/industries – from hospitality to travel & tourism to FMCG to service to KPO’s to entertainment to education. My love has always been travelling. I feel travelling opens up a wide world of new experiences and gives you knowledge which one can never gain from any other source. I believe India has a lot of potential in terms of tourism and that one single lifetime would not be enough to completely discover our country India. There is something in me which pushes me to explore more. Through blog posts on PEL, I would be sharing my travel experiences – and I am not talking about Leisure travel – I feel the real fun is in the mid range and budget travel..."


Mohammad Naeem Chishti

Chief Photographer 

"There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are - Ernst Haas." I am someone who is defined by his camera. For me, photography is not a profession. It is my passion, my identity and my joy. Juggling between my various roles as a business man, a cricketer and a photographers, I just try to recreate the beauty God has created. Be it humans or landscapes, my lens just recreates the beauty and preserves it as a golden moment forever. On PEL, you will find my clicks in the editor's OOTDs and Food clicks, because I am a passionate foodie too.


Apart from the regulars, PEL also is a platform for those who want to explore their writing skills. We have a some guest writers whose amazing works you would find here. 


- leisure writer

 "Hello people, I am Shweta Dawar. 
Having stayed in Mumbai all my life, 
I never thought I would fit anywhere better,
 but my view changed when I came to live 
 dream of pursuing a masters in Sports 

Management in the beautiful town of  Amherst. I am totally loving it here, more so because not only do I get to meet & interact with people from so many different backgrounds, but I also get to travel a lot. Having worn different hats of being an engineer, an entrepreneur, a tennis player, a wannabe poet and most recently an MBA in Finance graduate, I finally gathered the guts to lead an unsettled life and follow my dream. All this while, writing always inspired me and kept me on track and I look forward to sharing parts of my new journey with you through my blog posts here on PEL.


- lifestyle writer 
"I'm AAKRITI SAXENA. 20 years old and half way through my applied arts degree from the Government College of Arts Chandigarh. I live in the city which is so beautiful. Shopaholic would not be the right word as much as a hobby which is what I would like to call my favourite pass time. Accessories are my weakness as much as good lip colours are. I bake cupcakes and design ads for extra career advancement. My cakes are under my store called Sugardust.  All the information that this blog provides is something that interest me a lot and i feel it is very useful for personal care. So stay tuned for latest updates on the most exciting topics like latest trends in accessories and fashion just from me.


- lifestyle writer 

Hello friends, I am Tripti Pandey. I hail from Lucknow originally in India and am a media professional. Currently, I am living in Germany after my marriage to one of the most wonderful person I have met in my life. From India to Mainz in Germany… This transition has stormed my mind with plenty of wonderful thoughts, opinions and ideas. Also, it has opened up a whole new world of fashion, makeup, travel and even food. I love trying new things, sports and travelling. writing is something which inspires me and also keeps me happy, get ready for a roller coaster ride from the foreign lands of Germany with this chatterbox of yours….. " 


- lifestyle writer 

Hello! My name is Arzoo and I am an international student at the University of the Fraser Valley in my final year located in the beautiful Fraser Valley at Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. I was born and brought up in the city beautiful, Chandigarh and did my schooling from Vivek High, along with Aakriti, who has been my soul sister and best friend since we were 11 years old. I am pursuing a degree in Business Administration, majoring in Human Resources and am also working in the field of international student recruiting at the university. I am an avid traveller and have been across various European, American and South Eastern countries with Canada being my home now. I enjoy reading, writing and much like all girls, shopping during my free time.  Through this blog, I hope to bring in some interesting lifestyle, travel and fashion news from the other corner of the globe! "



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  1. The three of you form a great combination and do a good job at beautifying this blog and the women who are a part of this !
    Great write ups and superb photography with a bunch of advice for the readers make it useful as well as fun.
    Hope to see much more here :)
    Varuni Mahajan