Alia Bhatt ‘2 States’ Inspired look – FOTD

#Guest post by Bidisha Sinha ...

Hi my lovelies…

I love Alia Bhatt’s look in the film ‘2 States’. Although she barely looks like a Tamilian, yet her look is so urbane and simple… the kind of girls you would come across in B-Schools. Two of my sisters have been in B-Schools so I know the crowd.
The other day I was just watching a few pix from the film when I thought I should have an FOTD of this look on the blog. Since I am still trying makeup, I thought of getting a pro for this. Discussed it with my superawesome youtuber friend Bidisha Sinha of fashion with bidisha and she agreed.

So here it is lovelies.. 
the Alia Bhatt ‘2 States’ Inspired look – FOTD… first on PEL…

Over to Bidisha... 
"Don’t we all love Alia Bhatt's makeup in ‘2 States’? Yes we do! Atleast I love her makeup in all her movies because her makeup always looks effortless yet flawless.

So here's what I came up with. My Alia Bhatt inspired FOTD. I wore my favourite Kurti purchased from and paired it up with big neon pink earrings to make it look complete.

This was the inspiration behind the look.

And here is the breakdown. (PEL whispers: the final look would certainly come in the end coz trust me, Bidisha looks awesome J )

Here's the Breakdown:
-   First I applied my favourite Lotus Herbals Foundation in the shade Hazel Star all over my face. A small pump of it goes a long way. You don’t need much because this is basically a College look so keep it minimal.
-   Then I took my Coloressence Pan stick in the shade Pinkish Beige to cover up all my imperfections, especially the under eye are because Alia kept her under eye region very clean.
-   Buff some compact to set the foundation and concealer.
-   Then I used my Coastal Scents Warm palette. Took the mud brown and black eyeshadows, mixed them well and applied it with sponge applicator on my lid keeping it very close to the upper lashline. (You must not go near the crease).

Products used for the FOTD... 

-   Then took my Annabelle Kohl liner pencil to draw my upper lashline. Then again taking my favourite Lakme Kohl Ultimate liner and applied on that annabelle liner again to darken it up even more and smudged a bit with smudger. You can flick it out like Alia did.
-   Next I applied a lengthening mascara.
-   Followed by my current favourite Blush which I made by myself. You can check it out here
-   Lastly applied my favourite tinted lipbalm from Maybelline Babylips and added hint of Red lipcolor from Lotus Herbals in the shade Red Rover.
And I'm done

Some more poses... :-) 

Hope you all liked this look. Feel free to comment below and share your views about this super simple Alia Bhatt inspired makeup

PEL SHOUTS : Like? We loved its Bids… Infact, you made the whole look so effortless and simple. Love your pix and love love love your skin. Thanks for this awesome post sweetie. I am a fan of your youtube channel. PEL readers, you must check out her awesome youtube channel Fashionwithbidisha. She is just great with her work… You can also follow her on instagram @mermaidbidisha. Love and hugs to you girl. 

Hope you all loved the FOTD. How did you like this feature? Would you like to see more? Or would you like to share your's? DO comment in the box below and even leave your blog links in the box so that I can follow you too and we can have a mutual connect :-) 


  1. You look stunning Bidisha...always the pretty girl!!

  2. beautiful FOTD dear!!

  3. Radha Krishnakumar17 April 2014 at 20:55

    Wow you looks so beautiful

  4. Nice...#bsp

  5. Harcrazyforcosmetics18 April 2014 at 15:22

    Good one..

  6. Not an Alia fan but you look amazing Bidisha :)

  7. You look adorable Bidisha....I loved the look!
    I saw the movie yesterday nd absolutely loved the makeup..I loved your expressions :)

  8. thankyou jhilmil di ^_^

  9. thankyou <3

  10. yayy thankyou naomi ^_^

  11. thankyou sony :)

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  14. yayy thanks a lot richa ^_^


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