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Dine like the Nizams at Novotel Lucknow

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By Tarry

Hola my lovelies

What comes to your mind if I talk about Hyderabadi cuisine or the Nizami cuisine? Ofcourse Biryani. Because this is one dish that has become synonymous with the food of the Nizams. But there is much more to this royal cuisine, including a host of vegetarian dishes and desserts. 
I have a strong connect with Hyderabad. My cousins live in Secundrabad, which is the twin city of Hyderabad and I have spent a number of vacations in my childhood in the lovely city. Not only the city has an old world charm, it also boasts of a yummy cuisine that has been favoured by the royals but popularised by the commons. 
Lucknow now has an array of hotels. Almost all the big names in the hospitality industry is opening a property here. And these hotels are presenting some of the best of world cuisine to the Lucknowites through various food festivals. Novotel Lucknow, one of the latest properties, has organised a Hyderabadi food festival to bring the flavours of the Nizams to the city of Nawabs. 

Presenting my deets on

Dine Like the Nizams at Novotel Lucknow 


What sets the Hyderabadi cuisine different from the Awadhi and Mughlai cuisines in the strong use of spices. The Southern states of India are also the spice growing states majorly and hence, their cuisines use whole spices in abundance. Also, like the Kashmiri cuisine, Hyderabadi cuisine uses dry fruits a lot in the gravys, enhancing the taste. 
Novotel has specially flown in Masterchef Mohammad Ishaq Khan Lodhi, who hails from an illustrious family of khansamas and has used the most authentic spices and mixes to bring out the real Nizami taste. 

The starting drink is the refreshing Irani Chai. Served by a bearer dressed as Hyderabadi Mundu, it is just perfect in this autumn evenings. If you want to read more about the tea, head to my Instagram.

Amongst the kebabs, one has the option of Murgh Gilafi kebab picture) and Fish pakora in Non veg and Lal Mirch ka paneer tikka and Tarkari shaami kebab for veg. 

The main course  has a heady mix of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes too. From paneer tikka pasanda, paneer pista korma, Nizami handi, Aloo 65, Gobi Tamatar Mattar, Palak ki Sabzi aur suwa, Dum ke baghare baigan, Tadke wali khatti dal in the vegetarian platter to Hyderabadi Murgh Korma, Murg Nizami, Dum ka Murg, Dalcha Gosht, Dum ka Keema, Gosht Pasande and Hyderabadi Nihari in non vegetarian.

There are exclusive counters for Haleem and Biryani too, where one can find both vegetarian and non vegetarian varieties. Don't forget to try out the Hyderabadi Haleem and Tarkari haleem, along with the Nawabi Tarkari Biryani and Kachche Gosht ki Biryani.

After the sumptuous meal, one cannot miss the dessert table that again has a host of yummy desserts. Sample this - Sheer Korma, Shahi Tukda, Double ka Meetha, Sewaiyan ka meetha, Qubani ka meetha, Gil e Firdaus and Hyderabadi Falooda with Ice Cream. Each one even more tastier than the other one. Truly divine.

And here is a mandatory pix with the man behind the whole festival, chef Lodhi.

This is certainly a festival not to be missed. It in on till November 5 at The Square, the all day dining facility of the hotel. It is a dinner time festival, with some live music to add to the mood of the festival. Don't miss it.

Ambience – 5/5
Food – 4.9/5
Value for Money – 4.8/5

Do check my instagram feed for some more pix and also, Meet the chef. 

All clicks by : Mohammad Naeem Chishti

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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Move On & Take the plunge Ft. Iknowstudio

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By Tarry

"To help yourself, you must be yourself. 
Be the best that you can be. 
When you make a mistake, learn from it, 
pick yourself up and move on..."
- Dave Pelzer

Hola my lovely people, 

I am so sorry for taking such long breaks between blog posts, but trust me, I am missing it too. Just some technical issues which need to be sorted super soon and I would be back in action.

Most of you have always complimented me for my smile in my photos. And I thank you all for that. But behind these smiles is years of pain which I have been through on different moments in life. Yet, I have always felt strong enough to stand up, face the world and walk again.

But one thing I have always shied away from is changing my style. I just like to be in my comfort zone when it comes to my personal style. And for me, westerns always mean a pair of comfy denims. Dresses, especially short lengths, are something which I don’t like to try as I always. More so ever, because I always feel that since I am on the curvier side, I may not look good in them.

But recently, two things made me change my mind. One was a blogger Amena, who blogs at One of my favourite bloggers now, Amena is a plus size beautiful girl who truly inspires every girl, whatever the size may be. Watching Amena wear almost everything beautifully is surely inspiring.

Second was a beautiful dress, which made me totally fall in love with it the moment I saw it. I was collaborating with a lovely brand called IknowStudio and they have a fabulous collection of tops and dresses. When they sent me options, this was a dress that caught my eye. The design and the styling looked perfect for me to try my first ever #LittleBlackdress.

Presenting my latest #ootd and autumn look

Move On & Take the plunge
Ft. Iknowstudio

As much as I love moving out of my comfort zone more often, my personal style is still something where I don't change often. Comfort is the key thing for me when it comes to dressing up and loose denims are my second skin. Even if i venture towards dresses, they tend to be long maxi ones. 

But this time it was different. When I had to choose a piece from Iknowstudio's vast collection, my eyes fell on this one. Now we all have a few designs in our mind when we think of the words "Little Black Dress". But think again... isn't this knee length, cold shoulder black dress with neck detailing just the perfect LBD for someone like me who is looking for a chance to move out?

The dress is simple, yet perfect for those autumn days. Knee length is good enough for all the curvy girls as it manages to accentuate your best parts. Black is a classic colour and the V shape design on the neck creates a beautiful slimming illusion. see these photos to understand more what I am talking off. 

 I love this dress not only because it makes me feel beautiful, but because it doesn't make me feel a wee bit uncomfortable and just caresses me like a dear friend. 
I chose not to accessorize much (another comfort zone of mine) and just paired my super comfy black wedges with it. A black simple wrist watch, hoops, messy hair, MAC eye liner gel and Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick in Top 8 completed my look. 

You can check Iknowstudio's fabulous collection on their instagram page here . They are available on several ecommerce sites and are launching their own webshop soon. 

Photography by : M Naeem Chishti.

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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Navratri/Durga Puja look 2 - Invoking My Inner Goddess with Meraki

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By Tarry

“For we women are not only deities of the household fire, 
but the flame of the soul itself...” ­

- Rabindranath Tagore

Hello my beautiful people,

This time, I began my post with words by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. Some of you may ask me why... and some may understand by the title of the post. The festival of Navratra and Durga Puja, or Pujo as they say in Bengal, celebrates the spirit and the strength of a woman. It reminds us of the inner strength which every woman is born with, but time and circumstances make her forget that.
And what could have been better to start a post on Puja look than lines from Tagore himself !

I have a soul connection with Kolkata. And when I say that, I have a reason. I have never been to that city but somehow, films shot in Kolkata always enchant me. Videos, Photographs and even small anecdotes related to that city touch the strings of my soul. In fact, a very dear blogger friend of mine, Dolon also knows that I literally have dreamt of roaming around the city with her J 
So much I lust to be in my city of joy.

So when I was thinking about my perfect Durga Puja look, I wanted something that connected me to Kolkata. But I also wanted the outfit to be something that I could wear any time of the day… to work and then, straight to Pandal hopping (Yes, even I do pandal hopping here in Lucknow). So saree was not something I was looking for although I would love to don a Bengali style drape.

My search took me back to Meraki A Creative Soul, an instagram store whose collection of Indian handlooms is total love. Meraki’s forte is Kurta and Dupatta
co-ords, which have been specially handpicked by the owners Guneet and Simran
In fact, they make it a point to accessorise each co-ord set with beautiful metallic or wooden buttons to give that extra special touch to the outfit. Each dupatta beautifully defines the Indian heritage, while the kurta (unstitched) is one of the most perfect accompaniment to it. And you don’t’ have to go else where to search for bottoms too. Meraki offers an array of handloom bottoms ranging from straight pants to palazzos to long skirts.
They are just a handloom or Indian textile lover’s paradise. 

Presenting my Navratri/Durga Puja look 2, 

Invoking My Inner Goddess 
with Meraki

 For my Durga Puja look, I knew that red and white would have to dominate my palette. I picked up a fabulous Chanderi dupatta that has yellow and red print and golden border. The dupatta has a beautiful print of women carrying pitchers which is really a definition of an Indian woman… for she carries the weight of so many things on her head. Coupled with it is a beautiful pure vermilion red cotton kurta with dull silver buttons that create a perfect symphony with the dupatta.

For my bottoms, I wanted something in white since the look was Pujo. Also, something that was comfortable for a curvy girl like me. Guneet helped me select this beautiful cotton straight palazzo with hakoba border in off white which went perfect with the look.

Perfectly traditional yet contemporary, just like the Indian woman.
Since the look is for the women on the go, I did not accessorize it heavily. A pure silver kada (thick bangle) in my hand and kalamkari earrings from Voylla in my ears. Black basic heels from Westside to match the small black border in the bottoms. Light kohl lined eyes, PAC retro matte lipstick in 08 on my lips and a small red bindi… All this and the look was just perfect.

If you love handlooms and want that perfect attire for the festive season, Meraki is your perfect destination. Check out their instagram store which keeps updating their collection everyday. Also, Meraki sends all their products in reusable cotton bags as their endeavor to save the environment which is truly commendable.

Photography by : Mohammad Naeem Chishti

P.S - I was truly inspired by two amazing bloggers Sharmishta and Mamta Sharma Das who epitomise handloom and Indian textiles for me. Also, this post is really special for me as I shot at a building which is over 100+ years old and all these years, it has been giving education to children irrespective of their caste, religion or social class. Thanks to Syed Masoom Raza sahab for introducing us to this inspiring place.

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Friday, 22 September 2017

Navratri look 1 - Go Indo Western with Carnations

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By Tarry

“It is impossible to imagine a more complete fusion with nature
than that of the Gypsy...” ­

- Franz Liszt

Hola my beautiful people,

How have you been? Firstly, Happy Navratras everyone. And yes, the weather has taken a turn. I do feel the air changing into lovely autumn fragrance. The evenings are so very festive, so very celebration types…
I have not been keeping a little well and hence, was not able to update much. But now, you will once again see a lot more action on the blog, especially during the festive season and that means till Christmas…
I have lots of friends who are die hard western attire lovers. But when it comes to Navratras, and especially the dandia nights, they want to turn a little ethnic too. And they always ask how they can add a little ethnic touch to their outfit without making much of an effort.

Recently, I came across this neo designer in Lucknow. I call her neo because I really like how she gives a new twist to ethnics and traditional stuff. Shikha Suri of Carnations has already been loved by you all on ‘O Womaniya’. And while checking out her collection, my heart fell for an outfit which was just a perfect amalgamation of ethnic and modern, perfect for these Navratras.

Presenting the first Navratri look,

Ikat and Cotton Maxi Dress by Carnations

Now many of you would be surprised to see a maxi dress as a Navratri outfit. After all, most people prefer either saree and lehngas or suits. But what about those who don’t wear traditional stuff as all? And then, Navratras is also about breaking the moulds and being happy in our own strength… hain na.
The maxi dress is truly gorgeous and perfect for those navratri parties and even the dandiagarba nights. The turquoise blue glazed cotton is perfect for this changing weather, while the little ikat addition on the collar and the panel at the bottom gives this maxi dress a classy look. Have a look at this click.

And for all those who are thinking why I called this dress perfect for dandiya is because of the fall and flare it has. The ankle length maxi dress gives your twirls a beautiful feel to make you dance like a pro, without worrying about anything in this world. Just add some makeup, a pair of gorgeous earrings, tie your hair up and you are ready to take on the night.

Photography by : Mohammad Naeem Chishti
Location : Renaissance Marriott Lucknow 

You can check out Carnation’s collection on Instagram here and Facebook here. The best thing about Carnations is that you can customise each and every outfit to fit your style. Do check them out for something conventional or unconventional for your festive dressing.

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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Savour the best of world cuisine at Marriott Around the World

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By Tarry

Hola my lovelies

How have you been? I know that you may feel I am taking long breaks between my posts. Actually, the last week has not been great in terms of health. First I had a minor injury below my left eye which left me in pain and then, even as I write this, I have fever L

Anyways, no worries. Last week, Hotel Renaissance Marriott Lucknow celebrated its second anniversary in the city. Must say, ever since Marriott entered Lucknow, it has changed the hospitality industry in the city of nawabs. Their dining facilities are really amazing, specially L-14 all day dining. And to commemorate the occasion, they have organized a food promotion titled “Marriott Around the World”

What makes this food festival special and a must try this weekend is that it has 8 different stations that bring you the best of world cuisine. So from Italian to Moroccan to Japanese to Indian Street to Awadhi, you will find everything that you wish to try and satiate your taste buds with. I had a chance to enjoy the fest with my bestie too and believe me people, each and every station is worth a try.

Presenting my deets on

Marriott Around The World

The food festival seems just the best way to celebrate the spirit of Marriott that travels across the globe through its different properties. And Executive Sous Chef Balvinder Lubana and his team have beautifully curated some of the most loves recipes from some of their finest properties to give Lucknowites a truly global culinary experience. Read on to know about each of the stations –

We started with the Japanese Sushi. Apart from the famous salmon and prawn nigri, there were vegetarian options like Vegetable makimono and Vegetable temaki. Must try, especially since India now is witnessing more Japanese presence.

My favourite, this one is a delight for all street food lovers. Perfect flavours and crispiness, this is definitely something not to be missed. Try from dishes like Pani Puri, Bhel,Ragda Patice, Sev Puri, Samosa Chaat, Kachori Chaat and Dahi Puri.

Another favourite of mine, with pasta varieties like Penne, spaghetti, macaroni, tortellini, ravioli, tagliatelle and sauces like Neapolitan, Alfredo, Pesto, Aglio Olio, Arrabiata and Puttanesca.

Now this was a delight for me. Rarely does one get good Mongolian food that tastes yum. Take your pick from Assorted vegetables, noodle, rice, hot garlic sauce, Soya sauce, and black bean sauce.

This has 5 non veg and 8 vegetarian options for all.

This is really interesting. Try the freshly made Nachos along with tomato salsa, pineapple salsa, sour cream, cheese dip or the super amazing bell pepper salsa.

Best of Indian food. This one has 4 veg and 4 non veg salads, dahi bhalla, masala lacha, Tandoori kukad, tawa machchhi, Kadhai gosht, chicken curry, gosht biryani, Chicken in black bean, sea food marinara, lamb shepherd’s pie.


A mix of vegetarian dishes from across the globe. This one offers Hot garlic noodles, Mushroom Fried Rice, stir fried vegetables, Angara paneer tikka, Lasagne, vegetable seek kebab, Potato au gratin, vegetable caponata, Palak kofta curry, Paneer Butter Masala, Hing Jeera Ke Aloo, Dal tadka, dal makhani, tawa sabz, Subz biryani and steam rice.

This was my and my bestie’s favourite. While I enjoyed Chocolate truffle pastry and Tiramisu, he enjoyed the Gulkand Kala Jamun and Kulfi. Other items include baked yoghurt, fruit custard, mahalabia fresh fruit and more.

Chef Abhijeet and me with Kulfi. He has joined team kitchen as chef de cuisine. 

Ambience – 5/5
Food – 4.9/5
Value for Money – 4.8/5

The fest is on till 17 September and the elaborate spread costs INR 1350 plus taxes. Do check my instagram feed for some more pix and also, Meet the chef. 

All clicks by : Mohammad Naeem Chishti

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