Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Some essential oils for your monsoon woes

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By Tarry

Hola lovelies,

Finally, it’s monsoons. Although monsoons does come with loads of good things, some not-so-good things also happen in monsoons. The rains bring with them skin and hair issues, apart from diseases and even smelly homes.
Thanks for all the love you guys showed on the first part of the post on essential oils for summers. This post was supposed to be the second part but then, monsoons arrived and I decided to shift to monsoon special oils instead. These oils will not only make you feel better, but even your homes much nicer in monsoons.

Presenting my deets on
Some essential oils for your monsoon woes

These essential oils are something which can be used irrespective of the season. But they work wonders especially in monsoons, during the damp and humid weather.

Here is my list of essential oils and some suggestions to use them too J

Rosemary Oil – This is another versatile oil and it works wonders especially for hair. Monsoons mean sudden hairfall and greasy hair too. Add 10 drops of the oil to 100 ml shampoo and wash your hair regularly for lesser hairfall and clean scalp. Use it in a carrier oil for a nice champi in monsoons to calm your senses. You can also dab it onto your skin with a cotton bud for breakouts and see a reduction overnight.

Lavender – Now this is one of the most versatile essential oils. Lavender can be used all seasons but works amazingly for monsoons. The best thing about lavender is that you can use it directly too since it is a light oil. Have a breakout – apply a drop with a q-tip. Insect bites - use lavender oil to heal the itch and the also, ensure that there is no scarring as well. Dry patches? Add lavender oil to a carrier oil and apply at night. Room or cupboard smelling of dampness – Pour a few drops of the oil in a cotton pad and keep it anywhere in the room and cupboard for a nice, calming smell.

Eucalyptus oil – This is one my life savior oil. Monsoon means sudden change in the temperature. From hot and humid in a minute to cooler temperature with rain… monsoons are so unpredictable. And of course this a havoc for those suffering from sinusitis. Keep this oil handy and pour a few drops in a hanky and sniff it the moment you feel drowsy. This really works. Want to keep insects away – Make a concoction of 200 ml distill or filter water and 25 drops of eucalyptus oil and 10 drops of lemongrass oil and spray it on curtains and corners of your house to keep insects at bay.

I have been using oils from this absolutely awesome brand called Nature’s Absolute. Check out their facebook page and instagram page for more. You can buy these from Amazon at some awesome discounted prices. They are pure and really good quality. Plus the bottle comes with a dropper without any extra cost, which gives you handle the quantity well. I am really impressed by the quality. Stay tuned for part 3, where I will talk about some carrier oils I am loving. Do try these.

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Friday, 30 June 2017

New Menu additions at Atrium, Hotel Levana

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By Tarry

Hiya lovelies,

This year summer is so unpredictable, isn’t it ?Everytime the temperature soars, there is a major dust storm. But one thing is for sure, summer and especially the scorching part of it, keeps us majorly indoors, right!
So when you want to hang out and have some good time with family, what do you do? Most would opt for dining out at a place where you love the food. Well, Lucknow has a lot of options for good food, in a perfectly air conditioned atmosphere.
Atrium, the 24-hr dining facility of Hotel Levana, is one such place. Situated in the heart of the city in Hazratganj area, Levana is a perfect for those who want to enjoy a nice meal out. Recently, Atrium introduced a new menu for the food lovers of Lucknow, adding the best of world cuisine, especially Pan Asian. The menu boasts of some known and some lesser known deligts, cooked by team Atrium under the watchful guidance of Chef Khemchand Godiyal.

Presenting my deets on

New Menu additions at Atrium, Hotel Levana

The new menu consists of around 10 snacks, 10 dishes in the main course and 2 new desserts, Apple Pie and Tiramisu. Chef Khemchand has tried to make a heady mix of almost all different cuisines from across the globe. In starters, the best includes African Chicken Skewers. A North African dish, this is chicken marinated with ginger flavour and grilled on a hot plate. For vegetarians, do try the skinny potato dip which has a nice cheesy dip.
For main course, one can try dishes like Grilled Garlic Prawn, Chicken Hong Kong and Tea Smoked Chicken. The last one, a French dish, has mild tea fragrance for a different kind of experience.
The vegetarians can try Baked Lasagna and Baked Cannelloni, which is a stuffed pasta roll. The ala carte menu also includes some all time favourites like Greek Salad (one of the best at Atrium and perfect for summers), kebab platter and Hawaiian cuisine platter. Here are some amazing photographs of the food, clicked by my bestie NaeemChishti.   

And here is team Levana.... 

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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

End all your period pain woes with Sirona Feminine Pain Relief Patch

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By Tarry

Hello my dear lovelies…

Recently, there was a lot of hue and cry about safe menstrual practices and hygiene, as a prelude to World Menstrual Health Day. Menstruation or periods are something which all women face for the longest period of their life. And the biggest discomfort during “Those Five Days” are the cramps or period pain.
I have suffered with awful pain for a pretty long time. Infact, at one point in my life the pain used to be so strong that I often ended up puking. I had to finally consult a doctor for the same. But the pain still occurs every month, although the magnitude has decreased. Such is life dearies.
I was recently contacted by this brand called Pee Buddy, who wanted me to review two of their products. The description of these products was really exciting. One of them was a female urination device (already reviewed here) and second was a period pain relief patch. A patch that could take care of cramps without those pain relief pills or the hot water bottle? Sounded incredible but unbelievable. As soon as I got the patch, I waited for my periods eagerly… perhaps for the first time ever since “Madam Red” started her monthly visits.

Presenting my deets on
Sirona Feminine Pain Relief Patch

INR 292 for a pack of 5

Best way to buy is through their official website. You can find loads of combinations there to suit your needs and even discounts.

On the Outside
The Sirona Patch comes in a pouch. Each pouch is packed individually. The packing gives all details including the ingredients and even how to use method. And the ingredients are completely natural – essential oils. The packaging is good enough to be carried in your handbag and even travel with it.

On the Inside
The Sirona Pain Relief patch is good product, although I will not call it miraculous. As soon as my cramps started, I applied it on dry skin on my lower abdomen area. It does not provide instant relief like the pain killer pills but it works. The cramps ease in a few minutes and there is a subtle, but long time relief in the pain. The patch instantly relaxes you and makes you feel nice. And after some time, the pain eases out. It is especially good if you are travelling or at work, as you can just apply the patch and continue with your work.

PEL Rating
4.9 on 5.


This is indeed a God sent product for us women, especially to deal with those days. The Sirona Feminine Pain Relief Patch is a completely natural option to deal with menstrual cramps. It is not as quick as a pain killer pill, but it certainly in quite an effective option. Plus it has no side effects at all. Ekbaartoh try karnabantahai. Do try it and I am sure you would love it. 

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Monday, 26 June 2017

Make your Eid special with authentic Haleem recipe by chef Rounak Kinger

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Eid Mubarak everyone….

Eid, like all festivals, is a very beautiful day. It celebrates the spirit of joy, happiness, togetherness and above all, sharing. All across the globe, the day also means feasting and meeting friends over food.

The festival of Eid is mainly known for non vegetarian delights and sewain. And Haleem is one of the most famous recipes not just for Eid, but for the entire month of Ramzaan. Over a period of time Haleem has become a rare recipe as people prefer kebabs and biryani over this exotic recipe.

We decided to go back into the cuisine trail this Eid. And chef Rounak Kinger, executive Chef at Novotel Lucknow and one of the finest young chefs in the country, joined us in the trail. This Ramzaan, Chef Rounak found the most exotic recipe for Haleem and offered it for Lucknowites all through the holy month. For Eid special recipe, he shared his Haleem recipe with us, with some amazing pictures. While those celebrating Eid can make this recipe at home, those who are visiting their friends can also make it as a gift, spreading love and joy with each bite.

Presenting the Eid Special Recipe

The Traditional Haleem
By chef Rounak Kinger


1.       Mutton boneless (with good marbling, cut into 1 inch pieces) : 1kg
2.       Broken wheat : 100gm
3.       Chana dal: 50gm
4.       White urad dal spilt: 50gm
5.       Black cardamom: 2gm
6.       Green cardamom: 2gm
7.       Bay leaf: 1 leaf
8.       Cloves: 3gm
9.       Ginger garlic paste (40:60 ratio): 18gm
10.   Freshly grounded coriander powder : 30gm
11.   Freshly grounded cumin powder: 30gm
12.   Freshly grounded garam masala: 10gm
13.   Fresh green chillies chopped: 20gm
14.   Sliced onions : 150gm
15.   Fresh coriander leaves: 50gm
16.   Tomato chopped: 50gm
17.   Lemon wedges: 100gm
18.   Ghee pure: 1kg
19.   Golden fried Cashewnuts: 20gm

Method for cooking :

- Wash, rinse and soak broken wheat, chana dal and urad dal for 4 hours. In a medium degh, boil the mixture of dal and wheat until cooked and mashed.
- In a separate degh, take 200gms of ghee and fry the sliced onions with ginger garlic paste, all whole spices until the onions turn golden brown. Add mutton pieces.
- Cover the deg with mutton and cook until mutton pieces are tender and shredded easily. Add the dal & wheat mixture to mutton and cook for another 1 hour.
- Add the powdered masalas, mint leaves, coriander leaves and salt to the mixture along with all the ghee.
- Make sure you are handling the entire degh of haleem with a wooden spatula and not steel or any other metal.
- When the mixture becomes soft and pasty (around after 4 to 5 hours), turn off the heat and taste the delicacy.
- Garnish with fried onions, mint leaves, coriander, lemon wedge and Cashewnuts.

Me and my bestie got a chance to savour this amazing Haleem by Chef Rounak and I must say, it was awesome. Ofcourse it is a time consuming recipe but it tastes awesome just the traditional way. Chef Rounak says he is trying his best to keep such "lost in modern day life" recipes alive and festivals are the best time to enjoy it. If you make this Haleem, do share a photo on social media tagging us (check all handles on the right side of the page) and also chef #rounakkinger. We would be happy to repost. Eid Mubarak.. 

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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Give your hair some detox this monsoon with Aroma Essentials Tomato & Pumpkin Hair cleanser

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By Tarry

Hello my dear lovelies…

I know I am not regular with my two post a week schedule these days and I am really sorry. Loads was piling up and needed urgent attention. But yes, nothing can make me neglect my blog and this week onwards, a minimum 2 ka schedule will be followed for sure. :-)

By now, you all know how much I love this indie brand called Aroma Essentials. They are amazing handmade products sans any chemicals. They not only help in detoxing your skin and hair from the long chemical usage, but also give an amazing life to your skin and hair. I am an absolute fan of few of their hair products. 

Monsoons are here in most parts of the country and within a few days, the entire country would be soaking in the rains. And although I love the monsoons, I hate what it does to my dry hair. My hair, which is always craving for some extra attention, goes for a complete toss in monsoons. And I always feel the need for a detox of my hair and scalp. 

This time, Aroma Essentials has come to my rescue. While checking with Madhu about my hair condition, she suggested me this product and now, after having nearly finished it, I am ready with my review. 

Presenting my deets on

Aroma Essentials Tomato & Pumpkin Hair Cleanser

INR 400 for 200 gms

Online through their FB page Aroma Essentials. Do connect there because the brand’s creator, Madhurima, makes it a point to customize products according skin type and need.

On the Outside
Aroma Essentials Products are always packed in simple, reusable containers. Since this is a cream shampoo, it comes in a jar with screwable cap. One can see the product in the jar and the label too gives all details including Madhu's number for reference. The jar is quite sturdy and can be travelled with. I prefer to use a spoon to take out the product so not much issues with hygiene too.  

On the Inside
Doesn't this shampoo cream look like a sorbet! I simply loved how it looked, although the smell wasn't too enticing. Nonetheless, the fact is that no artificial perfumes or preservatives are added to this product and the smell doesn't linger on for too long, neither does it bother sensitive noses. The cleanser is a nice peach coloured product which needs to be added with a little water and rubbed on scalp. It gives a decent lather and helps in really cleaning the scalp. Over regular usage, I have noticed that my scalp feels much better and even on third day, my hair doesn't feel too limp or lifeless. It has actually helped in clearing the buildup from my scalp. Now since it does not have any silicones or artificial stuff, it does not make hair super soft or shiny, but that can be handled with a conditioner. However, I have noticed much manageable hair, lesser frizz and lesser hairfall. So full marks to this amazing cleanser. 

PEL Rating
4.8 on 5.

Monsoon does play a havoc with all types of hair. And it is the best time to give your hair some detox. If you want better behaved hair this monsoons, do give the Aroma Essentials Tomato & Pumpkin Hair Cleanser a try. I have done it and I SIMPLY LOVE IT.... 

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