Best of Handloom at Dakshinam Trunk Show

If Sarees inspire you and Handloom is your bae, this is news for you.
DAKSHINAM, one of the best names in Indian Handloom stares, is organising TRUNK SHOW in Lucknow this weekend.

More than 30 weaves from different parts of the country are being showcased in a specially curated trunk show by Dakshinam Sarees. The trunk show displays the collection by Dakshinam, which was launched with an aim to revive the rich local hand-weaving traditions of India through product development and design intervention. "The weaves of South India, especially Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh are always in demand. Pure fibres like silk and chiffon are on display for visitors ,” said Ekta Khanna, organizer of the show.

Dakshinam promotes sustainable fashion and uses natural fibres only. Dakshinam in on a mission to discover new forms of expression and share them with the world as wearable art.
Date : Dec 29 & 30 2018
Address: Hotel Clarks Awadh ,  8, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Narpatkhera, Hazratganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226001


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