Two Products I swear by these days

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Hello my dear lovelies…

It's been so long since I wrote a blog post. Instagram and Youtube are taking up so much of time but I seriously want to start writing more now. 

Today I am reviewing two products that I have been using for over a month and hence, the review is truly honest. These products have truly changed my skin and hair and I can happily say that these are truly revolutionary products. 

The first product is NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor. Now all of us women have hair growth we don't like at all. It can be body hair or the unwanted hair on face. And this product is a miracle for that.  

This is very easy available on Amazon and often at a discounted price.

On the Outside
The packaging is quite sturdy on the outside, since the inside container is a glass bottle. The packaging has all the details which is good. The glass bottle is a translucent one but be careful since it is not travel friendly. But it also helps you to know how much product is left.  
On the Inside
Girls, you need this product in your life. This off white coloured lotion makes your skin quite smooth too I have been using this religiously and I have seen a major difference in my hair growth. I use it every time I get my upper lip threaded and it has really made a lot of difference in the hair growth. Also, the hair comes back quite late and is much finer. 

PEL Rating
4.9 on 5.

The second product is Nature Sure Jonk Hair Oil. This is a nice hair oil made from Leech. Now Leech has a lot of benefits for hair.  This oil is slightly thick so I prefer to warm it for applying on my hair. I keep it a minimum of 1 hour before washing it off. And this has made such a difference to my hair. 

On the Outside
This outer packing is nice blue and white coloured with all the details mentioned well. The inside bottle is also made from plastic with a small flip open cap that helps in pouring the oil. The bottle is travel friendly too. 

On the Inside

I have been using this oil and can say its a boon for people who colour or heat style their hair regularly. This helps in keeping the itchiness of the scalp away and also controls the frizz. The hair does feel quite smooth and I have noticed some new hair growth too. Also, unlike the thick oils, this one is easy to wash off with mild shampoos as well. Overall a good hair oil. 

PEL Rating
4 on 5.

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