Festive "I Love Handloom" lookbook - Part 1 featuring Digiloom

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By Tarannum 

Namaste people

I KNOW many of you have been writing to me as to why I stopped writing blogs. Some of you have been kind enough to still follow me on instagram (I post there everyday so if you haven't done so far, follow me) , but yes, I know you missed me here ... and thanks for staying by me all this while :-) 

So the story cut short, I am BACK. And now, expect me here more often (Touchwood). When I was thinking of come out of my hibernation, I wanted it to be something which is closest to my heart. And what could have been better than a festive lookbook for women who love handlooms and avoid bling, just like me.

 And for this, there could have been no better a collaboration than with a brand which is amazing in every sense. More to it as you read along. 
Presenting my 

Festive "I Love Handloom" lookbook - Part 1   

 featuring DIGILOOM

Whenever I think of a festive look book, I think of those girls who may not be frequent in wearing sarees but would love to flaunt one during the festive season, with a contemporary twist. So for me, wearing a bright coloured, warm toned linen saree with a denim crop jacket as a blouse is the best bet. The denim gives it a contemporary and fashionable twist, while the bold colours give it a festive vibe, without going all bling. 

The outfit chosen is a beautiful 80-count linen saree of Bhagalpur, designed by Basant Rai, the one half of Digiloom. I'll speak about the brand in a while but first, about the saree. The beautiful rust and mauve saree has fuschia pink border and white tassles, adding to it's beauty. It is one of the easiest sarees I have seen for draping and it beautifully caresses the curvy Indian woman like me, bringing out the best. Draping it was a like a dream, and carrying it the easiest. So it does seem perfect for the festive season if you do have to run around. 

Here are a few glimpses of the saree. 

 I added a beautiful neckpiece and earrings from Digiloom only. They have a beautiful collection of specially designed German Silver jewellery which is not only exclusive, but affordable too. Denim jacket was from an online store and tassel chappals from a local market. 
For me, this is a complete look, effortless yet classic. 

My makeup for this look was done by a talented young makeup artist from Lucknow, Divya Singh. We chose black smokey eyes with sharp edges, soft bronzed face and fuschia lips. This was also a rule breaker since I decided to go heavy on both eyes and lips. But the end result is nothing less than fabulous. Do check out Divya's page if you are looking for a wonderful makeup artist in Lucknow. 

Now a bit about the brand. Digiloom is the brainchild of Basant Rai and Anuj Singh, two super talented youngsters working towards promoting Indian handlooms and bringing weavers into limelight. Through digiloom, they have scanned the length and breadth of India to scout for weavers, give contemporary designs to their traditional weaves and give them the best margins to ensure they have a better pay. Following fair trade practices, they also ensure that the money directly goes to the weaver and there is no middleman involved. 

See this next photo for something interesting that adds value to their products. 

Every product comes with a small packet of seeds (cherry tomato like here) which you can plant in a pot and don't need a huge place for. The brand believes that through this gesture, they help everyone fulfill their small duty towards the environment at no extra cost. Really thoughful and amazing. 

My location is one of the most beautiful hotels in Lucknow, Novotel . Not just a beautiful property with a wonderful pool side and terrace area, Novotel also has a great dining facility. It serves as a perfect location if you are looking for a pre-wedding shoot area. 
Do follow me on instagram for their food previews and reviews. 


Photography by : Mohammad Naeem Chishti.

Do share your comments and views below. Your comments really make us feel so happy.  :-)  If you are a blogger, make sure to leave your blog links and let’s form a love connect.


  1. Your styling is awesomly

    You are queen of salying.creativity is marvellous

    Makeup too good...Thanks for sharing

    Handloom the best



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