Valentines Classic Look : Premikaa ... the saree saga with The Fashion Curve

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By Tarry

"Aap ki yaad aati rahi raat bhar, 
chaandni dil dukhati rahi raat bhar, 
gaah jalti hui gaah bujhti hui, 
shaam-e-gham jhilmilati rahi raat bhar..."
- Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Namaste people, 

This post is really special for me. And I hope you all shower all your love on this one as I have worked really hard. 

Back stories aside, I always wanted to do a different kind of a Valentines's Day look ever since I started blogging. Being a curvy girl, I have a certain style of dressing and I always focused on fashion for women like me. 

The other day I was chatting with a fellow blogger and one of the prettiest girls I know, Madhurima of The Fashion Curve about doing a collaboration for Valentines Day outfit looks. And it suddenly struck me that we never come across desi looks for Valentines. Since the concept itself is very western, people always prefer western looks. 

Whenever I think of dressing up for the celebration of love, I always look at classical Indian literature and poetry for inspiration. Somehow for me, love is a classic emotion which has been defined most beautifully by classical literature only. Be it Hindi, Bangla, Urdu, English or French, each and every language has defined love and lovers amazingly. So me and Madhurima decided to take a peek into literature and churn out two classic looks. 
Presenting my Valentine Classic look

Premikaa ... the saree saga

with The Fashion Curve  

I always wanted to do a saree look. And for this one, I took inspiration from Black and white Bengali movies and also, Vidya Balan. For me, she is an epitome of beautiful Indian woman. So I chose this beautiful cotton silk saree that I had got from a Bengali weaver during an exhibition. I love the turquoise colour of the saree, which brings out my warm olive skin tone beautifully. And the addition of mustard and beige stripes just makes this saree even more beautiful. Simple, yet perfectly elegant. Do have a look at the complete saree. 

For this look, I wanted to add silver pieces as jewellery since like this saree, even silver jewelry is a timeless classic. Like old wine, as it ages, it becomes even more beautiful. I added a pair of beautiful silver Jhumkas from Deepika Designs (she's my favourite for Jhumkas), a beautiful Banjara neckpiece from Anokhi (another favourite of mine) and a kada (thick bangle) gifted to me by my mom. For footwear, I went with basic black chappals. 

The look wouldn't have been complete without one person... A super talented and young Makeup artist from Lucknow, Ayushi Agarwal. It was so much fun interacting with her on the look. She is really understanding and listens to your ideas. I wanted a classic look with smokey eyes and nude lips. And Ayushi just translated it perfectly. Properly contoured face with heavy smoky eyes (Love the falsies Ayushi used) and Nude lips with soft curls and a small bindi in the middle of the forehead, and my look was complete. 
Do check out Ayushi's page if you are looking for a wonderful makeup artist. 

This look is actually a dream come true for me and I wouldn't have got a better location than Elev8, the book cafe at Levana Suites Lucknow. And bahut saara thanks to my best friend who shot me beautifully and made my dream come true. 

Photography by : Mohammad Naeem Chishti.

While my look is a Indian Classic, Madhurima's look has been inspired by English and French Literature. Here's a sneak peak into her look. Check her blog The Fashion Curve for the complete post. Both these looks are perfect for curvy Indian girls to celebrate the festival of love. 

Do share your comments and views below. Your comments really make us feel so happy.  :-)  If you are a blogger, make sure to leave your blog links and let’s form a love connect.


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