O Womaniya : These women are on a journey to highlight Indian textiles

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By Tarry

Hola lovely people …

Thank you so much for your patience guys. I know this has been the longest break but believe me, there were issues which went beyond my hands and it was tough. Check my instagram feed for the answers.  
Anyways, issues aside. I am back and kicking. And what could have been better than coming back with my favourite column, O Womaniya. 
In this addition of O Womaniya, I am featuring a label which I really love.
My Navratri post featured this label and it has been one of my viewed OOTD so far. This label, run by two women, is just perfect for a modern woman who wants to stay connected to her roots and yet, wants a trendy look. 

 Presenting this edition of O Womaniya 
featuring Guneet and Simran of Meraki, a Creative Soul.

These women are on a journey to
highlight Indian textiles

(Left to right) Simran and Guneet, the women behind Meraki

We spoke to Guneet about their journey and here's what she said. 

Tell us a bit about yourself
I AM an electronics engineering grad, having worked with Infosys Chennai for 4 years. Post marriage, I wanted a break from the usual office routine. You know how monotonous it can be. So didn’t return to the big bad world of IT. Then got busy at home with the love of my life, baby boy. My son is 4.5 years old now and I now wanted to start something of my own from home so that I could balance work and home well. My mother runs a boutique at her home so from a very young age I saw designs and fabrics and learnt a lot about them. Armed with the affection and help from my sister in law, mother in law, my mother and above all, my very supportive husband, I decided to start off MERAKI – A CREATIVE SOUL.

How did 'Meraki' happen? And how did the name come in?
MERAKI means to leave a piece of yourself in your work. And that’s what you would see in our collection. Each and every pieve is single and specially curated by me and my partner in crime, my sister in law Simran. She is also the photographer for the products and also, the official name giver. We want to showcase an exquisite range of Indian handlooms and fabrics because our country has a rich heritage of beautiful fabrics and designs. Each product is personally checked by us before we upload it.

Driven with the concept and philosophy of presenting handcrafted products that showcase Indian heritage, what does MERAKI offer? How are the products chosen?
WE HAVE a huge range of products for the modern woman who is connected to her roots. Apart from dupatta kurta fabric combos which are our best sellers, we offer trendy buttons as add ons too. We also have block printed plazzos, slim fit and straight pants,skirts (long and short), embroidered dupatta sets and sarees too. Infact, we do help our customers find perfect combinations from our collections and be assured, each piece is unique… just like every woman is.

How has been your journey so far?
IT HAS been unexpectedly very good. We never expected such wonderful response from our patrons. Each day, we get amazing responses and even more orders which makes us reach out for more. Every happy client makes us strive to give the best and the most unique.

What has been the happiest and most memorable moment in your 
journey so far?
It has to be the time when we uploaded pictures of our Madhubani coordinate sets. As soon as we uploaded them, they were sold out. Infact, people also asked us to book more. We also did some international orders which was amazing for us since we are just a instagram store. But the feedback was amazing and inspiring for us.

Did you ever face any challenges in this journey? 
How did you manage to overcome them?
No journey is complete without challenges. And for an online store, the biggest challenge is orders. People book stuff, order it and then just vanish. It becomes difficult to track them, specially since they have blocked a piece. Also, delay in orders when people are waiting and of course, timely payments. But all this apart, we have a huge set of loyal patrons whom we love.

What are your future plans for your venture of passion ?
For us, Meraki is not just our dream venture, but also our passion. With each day, we are exploring a new textile of India and we plan to make Meraki a platform where you can find the best of Indian Textiles.

I am madly in love with Meraki. And if you look at their instagram store, you would fall in love too. Their collection is not just fabulous, but also exclusive. Each piece is unique and gives the feel of being personally designed for you. If you love Indian textiles with a modern twist, you must check out Meraki. You will surely thank me :-)

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