Dine like the Nizams at Novotel Lucknow

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By Tarry

Hola my lovelies

What comes to your mind if I talk about Hyderabadi cuisine or the Nizami cuisine? Ofcourse Biryani. Because this is one dish that has become synonymous with the food of the Nizams. But there is much more to this royal cuisine, including a host of vegetarian dishes and desserts. 
I have a strong connect with Hyderabad. My cousins live in Secundrabad, which is the twin city of Hyderabad and I have spent a number of vacations in my childhood in the lovely city. Not only the city has an old world charm, it also boasts of a yummy cuisine that has been favoured by the royals but popularised by the commons. 
Lucknow now has an array of hotels. Almost all the big names in the hospitality industry is opening a property here. And these hotels are presenting some of the best of world cuisine to the Lucknowites through various food festivals. Novotel Lucknow, one of the latest properties, has organised a Hyderabadi food festival to bring the flavours of the Nizams to the city of Nawabs. 

Presenting my deets on

Dine Like the Nizams at Novotel Lucknow 


What sets the Hyderabadi cuisine different from the Awadhi and Mughlai cuisines in the strong use of spices. The Southern states of India are also the spice growing states majorly and hence, their cuisines use whole spices in abundance. Also, like the Kashmiri cuisine, Hyderabadi cuisine uses dry fruits a lot in the gravys, enhancing the taste. 
Novotel has specially flown in Masterchef Mohammad Ishaq Khan Lodhi, who hails from an illustrious family of khansamas and has used the most authentic spices and mixes to bring out the real Nizami taste. 

The starting drink is the refreshing Irani Chai. Served by a bearer dressed as Hyderabadi Mundu, it is just perfect in this autumn evenings. If you want to read more about the tea, head to my Instagram.

Amongst the kebabs, one has the option of Murgh Gilafi kebab picture) and Fish pakora in Non veg and Lal Mirch ka paneer tikka and Tarkari shaami kebab for veg. 

The main course  has a heady mix of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes too. From paneer tikka pasanda, paneer pista korma, Nizami handi, Aloo 65, Gobi Tamatar Mattar, Palak ki Sabzi aur suwa, Dum ke baghare baigan, Tadke wali khatti dal in the vegetarian platter to Hyderabadi Murgh Korma, Murg Nizami, Dum ka Murg, Dalcha Gosht, Dum ka Keema, Gosht Pasande and Hyderabadi Nihari in non vegetarian.

There are exclusive counters for Haleem and Biryani too, where one can find both vegetarian and non vegetarian varieties. Don't forget to try out the Hyderabadi Haleem and Tarkari haleem, along with the Nawabi Tarkari Biryani and Kachche Gosht ki Biryani.

After the sumptuous meal, one cannot miss the dessert table that again has a host of yummy desserts. Sample this - Sheer Korma, Shahi Tukda, Double ka Meetha, Sewaiyan ka meetha, Qubani ka meetha, Gil e Firdaus and Hyderabadi Falooda with Ice Cream. Each one even more tastier than the other one. Truly divine.

And here is a mandatory pix with the man behind the whole festival, chef Lodhi.

This is certainly a festival not to be missed. It in on till November 5 at The Square, the all day dining facility of the hotel. It is a dinner time festival, with some live music to add to the mood of the festival. Don't miss it.

Ambience – 5/5
Food – 4.9/5
Value for Money – 4.8/5

Do check my instagram feed for some more pix and also, Meet the chef. 

All clicks by : Mohammad Naeem Chishti

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