Move On & Take the plunge Ft. Iknowstudio

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By Tarry

"To help yourself, you must be yourself. 
Be the best that you can be. 
When you make a mistake, learn from it, 
pick yourself up and move on..."
- Dave Pelzer

Hola my lovely people, 

I am so sorry for taking such long breaks between blog posts, but trust me, I am missing it too. Just some technical issues which need to be sorted super soon and I would be back in action.

Most of you have always complimented me for my smile in my photos. And I thank you all for that. But behind these smiles is years of pain which I have been through on different moments in life. Yet, I have always felt strong enough to stand up, face the world and walk again.

But one thing I have always shied away from is changing my style. I just like to be in my comfort zone when it comes to my personal style. And for me, westerns always mean a pair of comfy denims. Dresses, especially short lengths, are something which I don’t like to try as I always. More so ever, because I always feel that since I am on the curvier side, I may not look good in them.

But recently, two things made me change my mind. One was a blogger Amena, who blogs at One of my favourite bloggers now, Amena is a plus size beautiful girl who truly inspires every girl, whatever the size may be. Watching Amena wear almost everything beautifully is surely inspiring.

Second was a beautiful dress, which made me totally fall in love with it the moment I saw it. I was collaborating with a lovely brand called IknowStudio and they have a fabulous collection of tops and dresses. When they sent me options, this was a dress that caught my eye. The design and the styling looked perfect for me to try my first ever #LittleBlackdress.

Presenting my latest #ootd and autumn look

Move On & Take the plunge
Ft. Iknowstudio

As much as I love moving out of my comfort zone more often, my personal style is still something where I don't change often. Comfort is the key thing for me when it comes to dressing up and loose denims are my second skin. Even if i venture towards dresses, they tend to be long maxi ones. 

But this time it was different. When I had to choose a piece from Iknowstudio's vast collection, my eyes fell on this one. Now we all have a few designs in our mind when we think of the words "Little Black Dress". But think again... isn't this knee length, cold shoulder black dress with neck detailing just the perfect LBD for someone like me who is looking for a chance to move out?

The dress is simple, yet perfect for those autumn days. Knee length is good enough for all the curvy girls as it manages to accentuate your best parts. Black is a classic colour and the V shape design on the neck creates a beautiful slimming illusion. see these photos to understand more what I am talking off. 

 I love this dress not only because it makes me feel beautiful, but because it doesn't make me feel a wee bit uncomfortable and just caresses me like a dear friend. 
I chose not to accessorize much (another comfort zone of mine) and just paired my super comfy black wedges with it. A black simple wrist watch, hoops, messy hair, MAC eye liner gel and Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick in Top 8 completed my look. 

You can check Iknowstudio's fabulous collection on their instagram page here . They are available on several ecommerce sites and are launching their own webshop soon. 

Photography by : M Naeem Chishti.

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