This designer fuses traditional with modern to create gorgeous attire

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By Tarry

Hi my beautiful people, 

I am back with my favourite column on the blog .... O Womaniya. 

Seriously, I will not fail to admit that I am in absolute love with this column. It makes me feel so proud of the women I have featured here. In their own special way, they have carved a niche for themselves and brought small, but significant changes in many lives. The change may be through fashion or through anything else, but it is visible. 

Today's edition of OWomaniya features a designer from Lucknow, who may not have a typical designer's background or style, yet she has creativity in her roots. And it is these roots which make Shikha Suri, the woman behind the label Carnations, so amazing. Fusing traditional styles with modern, Shikha creates designs that are just the best for any Indian woman. Read on... 

This designer fuses traditional with modern to create gorgeous attire 

The designer Shikha Suri in one of her favourite creations fusing Kalamkari with modern cuts

Tell us a bit about yourself
“I am a "going to be 40" creative enthusiast who likes to try out creating new stuff. A Master's in Clinical Psychology and Counselling, I belong to the city of temples- Bhubaneswar. Working with colors, using different materials to create something new has always appealed me. I have inherited this creative bend of mind from my father.”

How did Carnations happen? And how did the name come in?
“With my girl beginning to go to school, I had ample time which I wished to utilize. However, I wasnot keen on a full time job as that would have left family and home unattended. The work where I could use my creativity to its best, earn from it and at the same time manage home with ease was something I wanted and my boutique was just the way. My sister suggested the name Carnations, a flower that signifies freshness, luck, love and glory. We thought it would be just right as the first range was about introducing fresh patterns, designed with love and would bring luck and glory.”

Driven with the concept and philosophy of presenting exclusive designs, what does Carnations offer? How are the products created?
“The USP of Carnations has been- one pattern/ print in a single color for each dress. Till date there has been no repetition. The basic idea was exclusivity even if is a simple office wear or casual kurti or a tunic. At Carnations, every piece is as unique as you, the wearer.”

How has your journey been so far?
The journey so far has been a thorough learning experience. When you offer something to the masses,you need to first be open to learn, understand their requirement, in order to serve them right as per their choice. Since I was new to Lucknow, I had no clue of the dressing sense and style ladies carried
here. However, holding exhibitions helped me cater a vast section... from upper middle to elite class, from Punjabi's to Sindhi's, Agarwal's to Thakurs, Muslims to Christians.

What has been the happiest and most memorable moment in your journey with Carnations so far?
The happiest and the most memorable moment has been the 3rd year celebration of Carnations. Almost all my clients had dropped in for the party to wish me and celebrate my hard work. I felt blessed and swelled with pride as each one of them wrote a wish note for me. It was not just money, but love and relations that I had earned all this while.

Did you ever face any challenges in this journey? How did you manage to overcome them?
Everyone goes through challenges, I went met some too. But I’m thankful to my husband who has always being by my side and helped me overcome any obstacle. I had to go on and on, no matter what and probably this thought itself help me sail through any harsh circumstances.

What are your future plans for your venture of passion ?
My Ikat and Kalamkari collection was much loved and awesome for summers and monsoons. I am currently working on designing an all silk and velvet collection for the upcoming winters. Using gottapatti, zardozi and resham, the ethnic pieces are being designed for light to heavy parties. Apart from this an exclusive collection of only whites and blacks is in making too. Coming up is also Colorblock collection with kurtas, tunics and more.

True to her roots, Shikha Suri has been filling in ethnic colours in the lives of women who love her dresses. Fusing traditional with modern, she creates a style that perfect for the Indian woman. One can get in touch with Carnations on Facebook here or also through their instagram page here 

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