Some essential oils to beat the summers – Part I

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By Tarry

Hola lovelies,

This heat and the humidity is really catching up on me. I love all weathers, right. However the only weather I strongly detest is humidity. Somehow, it totally drains me out. No energy to do almost anything. Phew!!

Btw, I believe some of you must be aware how much I believe in Aromatherapy. It relaxes me, heals me, protects me and helps me manage this sultry weather too. Believe me. And as I was thinking about the new post, it stuck me that why not I write about summer time aromatherapy. Some essential oils that can really make a difference to your life… well at least for some issues of life.

Presenting my deets on
Some essential oils to beat the summers – Part I

 I must say that essential oils are indeed big healers. I have been using them not just for myself, but even for my little niece. And trust me, have faith in them and they will work well.
Here is my list of essential oils for all your summer woes and some suggestions to use them too J

Lemongrass – This is one of the best essential oils to lift your mood especially in summers. The fresh smell of lemongrass can make even the dullest of days happy. Add a few drops to your bath water everyday to prevent body odour. You can also add a few drops of lemongrass essential oil in your shampoo for a clean, fresh feeling. This is especially good for oily scalp.

Tea TreeThis is indeed the most needed oil for summers, especially for oily skin beauties. Summers means breakouts. Dab a drop of tea tree oil on your breakout at night and you will see a reduction by morning. Add this one to your shampoo for dandruff and to rose water for a perfect toner for oily and acne prone skin.

Peppermint oil – Now this one is a really good one for summers. Who doesn’t like to feel cool cool! And nothing like peppermint or menthol oil. No wonder it is so extensively used in products promising cooling. Add a few, and just a few, drops to your shower gel, shampoo or even conditioner for a cool feeling. Add a few drops of the oil to a tub of water, soak your feet in it after a tired day and you will definitely feel the tiredness going out. If you are having a headache or migraine due to heat, add a few drops to water and rub it on your wrists and temples to feel better.

I have been using oils from this absolutely awesome brand called Nature’s Absolute. Check out their facebook page and instagram page for more. You can buy these from Amazon at some awesome discounted prices. They are pure and really good quality. Plus the bottle comes with a dropper without any extra cost, which gives you handle the quantity well. I am really impressed by the quality. Stay tuned for part 2, which has even more interesting oils.
Do try these.

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