New Menu additions at Atrium, Hotel Levana

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By Tarry

Hiya lovelies,

This year summer is so unpredictable, isn’t it ?Everytime the temperature soars, there is a major dust storm. But one thing is for sure, summer and especially the scorching part of it, keeps us majorly indoors, right!
So when you want to hang out and have some good time with family, what do you do? Most would opt for dining out at a place where you love the food. Well, Lucknow has a lot of options for good food, in a perfectly air conditioned atmosphere.
Atrium, the 24-hr dining facility of Hotel Levana, is one such place. Situated in the heart of the city in Hazratganj area, Levana is a perfect for those who want to enjoy a nice meal out. Recently, Atrium introduced a new menu for the food lovers of Lucknow, adding the best of world cuisine, especially Pan Asian. The menu boasts of some known and some lesser known deligts, cooked by team Atrium under the watchful guidance of Chef Khemchand Godiyal.

Presenting my deets on

New Menu additions at Atrium, Hotel Levana

The new menu consists of around 10 snacks, 10 dishes in the main course and 2 new desserts, Apple Pie and Tiramisu. Chef Khemchand has tried to make a heady mix of almost all different cuisines from across the globe. In starters, the best includes African Chicken Skewers. A North African dish, this is chicken marinated with ginger flavour and grilled on a hot plate. For vegetarians, do try the skinny potato dip which has a nice cheesy dip.
For main course, one can try dishes like Grilled Garlic Prawn, Chicken Hong Kong and Tea Smoked Chicken. The last one, a French dish, has mild tea fragrance for a different kind of experience.
The vegetarians can try Baked Lasagna and Baked Cannelloni, which is a stuffed pasta roll. The ala carte menu also includes some all time favourites like Greek Salad (one of the best at Atrium and perfect for summers), kebab platter and Hawaiian cuisine platter. Here are some amazing photographs of the food, clicked by my bestie NaeemChishti.   

And here is team Levana.... 

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