Make your Eid special with authentic Haleem recipe by chef Rounak Kinger

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Eid Mubarak everyone….

Eid, like all festivals, is a very beautiful day. It celebrates the spirit of joy, happiness, togetherness and above all, sharing. All across the globe, the day also means feasting and meeting friends over food.

The festival of Eid is mainly known for non vegetarian delights and sewain. And Haleem is one of the most famous recipes not just for Eid, but for the entire month of Ramzaan. Over a period of time Haleem has become a rare recipe as people prefer kebabs and biryani over this exotic recipe.

We decided to go back into the cuisine trail this Eid. And chef Rounak Kinger, executive Chef at Novotel Lucknow and one of the finest young chefs in the country, joined us in the trail. This Ramzaan, Chef Rounak found the most exotic recipe for Haleem and offered it for Lucknowites all through the holy month. For Eid special recipe, he shared his Haleem recipe with us, with some amazing pictures. While those celebrating Eid can make this recipe at home, those who are visiting their friends can also make it as a gift, spreading love and joy with each bite.

Presenting the Eid Special Recipe

The Traditional Haleem
By chef Rounak Kinger


1.       Mutton boneless (with good marbling, cut into 1 inch pieces) : 1kg
2.       Broken wheat : 100gm
3.       Chana dal: 50gm
4.       White urad dal spilt: 50gm
5.       Black cardamom: 2gm
6.       Green cardamom: 2gm
7.       Bay leaf: 1 leaf
8.       Cloves: 3gm
9.       Ginger garlic paste (40:60 ratio): 18gm
10.   Freshly grounded coriander powder : 30gm
11.   Freshly grounded cumin powder: 30gm
12.   Freshly grounded garam masala: 10gm
13.   Fresh green chillies chopped: 20gm
14.   Sliced onions : 150gm
15.   Fresh coriander leaves: 50gm
16.   Tomato chopped: 50gm
17.   Lemon wedges: 100gm
18.   Ghee pure: 1kg
19.   Golden fried Cashewnuts: 20gm

Method for cooking :

- Wash, rinse and soak broken wheat, chana dal and urad dal for 4 hours. In a medium degh, boil the mixture of dal and wheat until cooked and mashed.
- In a separate degh, take 200gms of ghee and fry the sliced onions with ginger garlic paste, all whole spices until the onions turn golden brown. Add mutton pieces.
- Cover the deg with mutton and cook until mutton pieces are tender and shredded easily. Add the dal & wheat mixture to mutton and cook for another 1 hour.
- Add the powdered masalas, mint leaves, coriander leaves and salt to the mixture along with all the ghee.
- Make sure you are handling the entire degh of haleem with a wooden spatula and not steel or any other metal.
- When the mixture becomes soft and pasty (around after 4 to 5 hours), turn off the heat and taste the delicacy.
- Garnish with fried onions, mint leaves, coriander, lemon wedge and Cashewnuts.

Me and my bestie got a chance to savour this amazing Haleem by Chef Rounak and I must say, it was awesome. Ofcourse it is a time consuming recipe but it tastes awesome just the traditional way. Chef Rounak says he is trying his best to keep such "lost in modern day life" recipes alive and festivals are the best time to enjoy it. If you make this Haleem, do share a photo on social media tagging us (check all handles on the right side of the page) and also chef #rounakkinger. We would be happy to repost. Eid Mubarak.. 

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