Give your hair some detox this monsoon with Aroma Essentials Tomato & Pumpkin Hair cleanser

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By Tarry

Hello my dear lovelies…

I know I am not regular with my two post a week schedule these days and I am really sorry. Loads was piling up and needed urgent attention. But yes, nothing can make me neglect my blog and this week onwards, a minimum 2 ka schedule will be followed for sure. :-)

By now, you all know how much I love this indie brand called Aroma Essentials. They are amazing handmade products sans any chemicals. They not only help in detoxing your skin and hair from the long chemical usage, but also give an amazing life to your skin and hair. I am an absolute fan of few of their hair products. 

Monsoons are here in most parts of the country and within a few days, the entire country would be soaking in the rains. And although I love the monsoons, I hate what it does to my dry hair. My hair, which is always craving for some extra attention, goes for a complete toss in monsoons. And I always feel the need for a detox of my hair and scalp. 

This time, Aroma Essentials has come to my rescue. While checking with Madhu about my hair condition, she suggested me this product and now, after having nearly finished it, I am ready with my review. 

Presenting my deets on

Aroma Essentials Tomato & Pumpkin Hair Cleanser

INR 400 for 200 gms

Online through their FB page Aroma Essentials. Do connect there because the brand’s creator, Madhurima, makes it a point to customize products according skin type and need.

On the Outside
Aroma Essentials Products are always packed in simple, reusable containers. Since this is a cream shampoo, it comes in a jar with screwable cap. One can see the product in the jar and the label too gives all details including Madhu's number for reference. The jar is quite sturdy and can be travelled with. I prefer to use a spoon to take out the product so not much issues with hygiene too.  

On the Inside
Doesn't this shampoo cream look like a sorbet! I simply loved how it looked, although the smell wasn't too enticing. Nonetheless, the fact is that no artificial perfumes or preservatives are added to this product and the smell doesn't linger on for too long, neither does it bother sensitive noses. The cleanser is a nice peach coloured product which needs to be added with a little water and rubbed on scalp. It gives a decent lather and helps in really cleaning the scalp. Over regular usage, I have noticed that my scalp feels much better and even on third day, my hair doesn't feel too limp or lifeless. It has actually helped in clearing the buildup from my scalp. Now since it does not have any silicones or artificial stuff, it does not make hair super soft or shiny, but that can be handled with a conditioner. However, I have noticed much manageable hair, lesser frizz and lesser hairfall. So full marks to this amazing cleanser. 

PEL Rating
4.8 on 5.

Monsoon does play a havoc with all types of hair. And it is the best time to give your hair some detox. If you want better behaved hair this monsoons, do give the Aroma Essentials Tomato & Pumpkin Hair Cleanser a try. I have done it and I SIMPLY LOVE IT.... 

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