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By Tarry

In dinon garche dakkan mai hai badi qadr-e-sukhan...

Kaun Jaye “Zauq” par Dilli ki galiyan chhod kar”

Hola lovelies…

This couplet by famous Delhi poet Zauq is truly the essence of Delhi. A city that comprises of the best of all cultures, Delhi is not just a place but a lifestyle. And once you get the feel of Delhi, you can never take it out of you.

Most of you may not know but I am a Delhite. I was born and brought up in the beautiful city and it is an integral part of me. Whether it is the Nayi Dilli or Purani Dilli, for me it's Delhi and Delhi in one piece. So recently, when I got a chance to grab a bite of some Delhi delicacies, I was super joyed. After all, it was a chance for me to go back in time and enjoy some culinary delights from the culinary capital of India... Meri Dilli.

Presenting my  deets on
Dilli6 Ka Zaika at L-14 at Renaissance Marriott

Delhi cuisine is a mix of several cuisines from across the country. Different cultures have contributed extensively to the cuisine of Delhi and that is very evident in the food too. The man behind this amaing fest, Chef Balvinder Lubana, tells us that in this fest, one not only gets to enjoy the food from the walled city area, but also new Delhi. Places which have become a landmark find a mention in the fest too.
Now over to the food.

Gol Guppe and Paapdi Chaat- A mention of Delhi food is incomplete without its street food. And Gol Guppa and Paapdi are the perfect representations of Delhi Street Food. The Paapdi Chaat has been rechristened as Paapdi Timble with a three layer effect for some amazing start off.

Katori Chaat - Younger sibling of Lucknow ki basket chaat, this is equally enticing. Bylanes of Chandni Chowk area are famous for Katori chaat, where an edible potato bowl is filled with yummy chaat and chutneys. Delhi flavour has been kept intact here by Team L-14. Thumbsup for this.

Samosa Cocktail - The mention of street food is totally incomplete without the mention of Samosa. Chef Balvinder adds his twist to the famous dish by putting a small squeeze tube with chutney. Squeeze the chutney into crumbled samosa and enjoy this chaat. Awesome....

Bao - Anyone who has studied in the North Campus of Delhi University is well aware of Manju Ka Tila area. Also called Mini Tibet, it is a hub for those who want to savour some Tibetan delicacies. The Tibetan Steamed Bun or Bao makes a presence here in the fest too, in veg and non veg versions, with Thupka soup. Do try it if you like Asian cuisine.

Amritsari Bharwan Kulche - Punjabis dominate Delhi culture a lot, and so does their food. The stuffed kulchas, alongwith tangy chutney, is the perfect way to enjoy the simple, yet sumptuous food from Punjab. Delicious.

Parantha -  Unlike the regular ones, the paranthas from Paranthe Wali Gali in Old Delhi are deep fried. Filled with veggies or even non veg at times, they are a foodies delight. Here, they are accompanied by Mint Chutney and Curd... truly Dilli ishtyle.

Rajma Chawal with achar - Rajma Chawal (kidney beans and rice) are a staple for Delh. In fact, you can find scores of outlets selling rajma chawal, chhole chawal or palak paneer chawal. Chef has added achar (pickle) to give it a homely feeling, and yes, the pickle has been made by the team using the home cook way.

Tangri Chicken Kebab - If one talks about Delhi food, how can one forget the famous Tangri Chicken Kebab of Gulati's at Pandara Road. The famous dish is recreated here too, and served fresh in style in a mini tandoor. Superbly awesome.

The fest also boasts of some awesome desserts and live ice cream and dessert counter.

Rice Kheer - Rice Pudding with loads of Nuts, prepared the authentic delhi way. Loved it.

Mirchi Ka Halwa - Now this came as a surprise. One cannot associate chillies with pudding. But this is truly a masterpiece.

Ras Malai - One of the most famous milk based sweets. You can find ras malai at almost all sweet shops in Delhi. And this one... is definitely a must try.

And here is a click of Chef Balvinder making an ice cream within minutes at the live counter using liquid nitrogen. And another is a click of the master craftsman with moi... :-)

Mark the dates : 5 May 2017 to 14 May 2017, 7.30 p.m. dinner time onwards.
Venue : L-14 at Renaissance Lucknow

Text and photographs - Tarannum Manjul

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