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By Tarry

Hello my sweeties...

Lucknow is really growing to be a food lovers delight. I remember when we shifted from the national capital to this state capital in 1999, there were hardly any good food joints around, bearing a few exceptions.
Circa 2016-17, a new place is opening almost every month. And new Lucknow, or the trans Gomti area, seems to be a hub. Good eh! Coz I see most of these new joints filled with people almost at any hour.
Recently, the nawabi city saw the opening of a new club and lounge. And your's truly got a chance to check the place out, much before it was thrown open for the janta. The club is in a shopping complex, hence has good parking space as well. It offers a mix of cuisine, detox mocktails, drinks and a small dance floor as well.

Presenting my deets on
JW Club at Shalimar Plaza, Faizabad Road

JW Club is situated at the top floor of Shalimar Eldee Plaza on Faizabad Road. Yes, the one that has big bazaar too. It is quite spacious and the interiors have been beautifully done up to give a good lounge feel. The seating is quite comfortable and one can enjoy a good time with friends or family here.

The Bar Area

Seating with TV screens

Since we were there majorly to check our their food (and later, the dance floor too), we decided to let the food do the talking. I tasted from an array of items including veg and non veg. Interestingly, besides having a bar, the club serves some awesome detox mocktails, made from fresh fruits, veggies and juices. I tried the Kiwi Love Melon. Made through Blend Method, it is a mix of Fresh Kiwi, Fresh melon, melon syrup, kiwi crush. The mocktail was like a smoothie and was really refreshing. Perfect for these summers.

Over to the food now. We had a good spread consisting of starters, main course and dessert too. Will be sharing about those which I tried.

Fried Onion Rings - A close cousin of our onion pakodas, this one has an interesting dip as an accompaniment.

Cheese Garlic Fries - French Fries with a twist. Twist comes with the garlic cheese on top, which gives it a different kick.

Lahsooni Tikka - My favourite for the day. Chicken tikkas with a strong garlic flavour that leaves a good after taste. Can be a good starter.

Banjara chicken - This was interesting one. The flavours were interesting and a bit tangy too.

Kebabs - They were neither too soft, not too hard. I found the flavour a little bland. The dip was interesting though.

Grilled wings with Red Wine Sauce - This was a slight disappoint for me. The taste wasn't that great.

Peprika Cottage Cheese Sizzler - This was interesting and had some good flavours.

Team JW Club

JW Club is certainly a good hangout place with good place and ambience. If you are looking to spend hot summers in a cool way, this is the place.

All photos by : Tarannum Manjul 

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