Enjoy the wonders of Avocado for skin and hair with Nature's Absolute Avocado Oil

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By Tarry

Hola my lovelies,

Man! This heat is killing. And yes, it’s just April. Full blown summer is still away.

Coming back to reviews. Many people wrote to me saying they are missing out on product reviews on the blog. I know… since lot of other sections were becoming active. But the thing is that for reviews, I need to test the product for atleast 20 days to a month before I jot my thoughts on that. Have been testing a few products lately and here they come.

People who have been here regularly know my love for aromatherapy. And I always prefer neutral carrier oils which have their own benefits too. Looking to stock up my carrier oils, I came across this new brand with some nice options. Got some stuff and now, over to reviews.

Presenting my deets on

Nature’s Absolute Avocado Oil


INR 399 for 30 ml (special price of INR 259 at Amazon.com)


Through their FB page and also, extensively available on Amazon.

On the outside

I am a sucker for good packaging. And Nature’s Absolute has really pretty packaging. Simple white box with an embossed illustration of avocado and all the details. This simple yet awesome packaging stole my heart. The oil comes in a glass bottle which may not be travel friendly, but cold pressed oils are best stored in dark, glass bottle to prevent contamination and increase shelf life. It has a normal screw cap and also, a pump which can be put on the bottle to get just the right amount. Great idea….

On the Inside

Nature’s Absolute Avocado Oil is one of the best cold pressed Avocado oils from any indi brand that I have used. It is a thick yellowish oil but not sticky at all. Smells quite mild which means no artificial perfumes. I have been using it regularly and find it really nice and soothing. Infact, it is one carrier oil that works perfectly with adding essential oils too. Love it.

Uses of the oil

I extensively use this Avocado Oil for my skin and hair. Sharing a few methods here.

For Dry, summer skin – Massage your hands and feet with this oil for a nice, deep moisturising effect. Avocados are rich in minerals and Vitamin E, which are really beneficial. You can add geranium essential oil or lavender essential oil to this for added benefits like extra hydration and also, taking care of summer patches.

For oily skin – Add a few drops of rosemary oil / lavender oil / lime oil and make a serum. Apply this on your skin at night by massaging just 2 to 3 drops. You will notice lesser breakouts with regular use.

For summer parched lips – This oil is your best bet. Apply on lips after mild exfoliation at night and morning for soft lips… better than any lip balm.

For hair – Add a few drops of ylang ylang essential oils to this oil, along with some curd and make a mask. This works amazingly for dry, frizzy and curly hair and also, hair damaged due to colouring or heat. I have tried this mask thrice and my hair has been thanking me J


The Nature’s Absolute Avocado Oil is wonderful oil and a magical one for dry skin and hair. The quality is really pure with no additives, which makes it wonderful. The oil is cold pressed to keep all the nutrients intact. A must have if you want to go natural and shun loads of chemicals.

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  1. I have been wanting to try Avocado oil for a long time. This brand looks good. Will give it a try...

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  2. I have been longing to lay my hands on Avocado oil - the col-pressed variant for long. Finally, it seems as if there is a brand that is going to provide quality products priced sanely. That DIY recipe I have in mind may see the light of the day now :)

    Here's a DIY under-eye pack I made a few weeks ago using sesame oil- http://www.glamorganicdesi.com/diy-homemade-under-eye-pack-remove-dark-circles-fine-lines/

    It turned out pretty well for me.

  3. yet to try Avocado oil...this seems the best choice now. Thanks Dear


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