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By Tarry
Hello pretty people
All ready and geared up for summers? The temperature has started rising, although it is still March. God only knows what will happen in the peak summer months….
 My skin behaves quite weird in summers. While my face becomes a study for those who want to understand combination and permutation J, my body becomes dry. Hence, I have to get different set of products for face and body.
You know I love Aroma Essentials. I have reviewed so many products so far. And trust me, I like all of them. The likeness levels may be higher in case of some products, but it is there. And whenever I am planning my vanity, this is the brand which comes to my mind first. Their products are not just completely natural, but also customized according to your needs.

Presenting my deets on
Aroma Essentials Cinnamon and Orange Body Butter

INR 350 for 50 gms

Online through their FB page Aroma Essentials. Do connect there because the brand’s creator, Madhurima, makes it a point to customize products according skin type and need.

On the Outside
The Aroma Essentials Cinnamon and Orange Body Butter comes in a cute plastic jar. It has a firm screw lid. The packaging has the signature Aroma Essentials label with all basic details on it. Even the label on the jar has the product name handwritten which adds to its natural value. I would have loved some colourful labels but this is also fine. Overall it’s a nice and cute packaging and quite travel-friendly too.

On the Inside
OMG! Should I say I love it from the word ‘Go’. The butter smells more of cinnamon and less of orange, which is so calming and awesome. It is a thick butter which is light brownish in colour. The butter is quite smooth when applied on the skin and a very little quantity is required. I usually apply it at night. While the fragrance calms me, the skin becomes really smooth. SIMPLY LOVE IT!!

PEL Rating

This is one of the best body butters I have tried. While the fragrance is really calming and exotic, the feel is really nice. It makes the skin smooth (not greasy) and soft and regular use results in even toned skin. This is a great product for all seasons.
One of the best products from Aroma Essentials for sure. MUST TRY.

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  1. Cinnamon and orange seems a nice combination. I love Aroma Essentials products. Will give this a try :)

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