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By Tarry

Hola my dearies,
I am sure most of the working people must be really busy since this is the month of March. After all, it’s time for financial closure… righto! However, this doesn’t stop us from enjoying some good things in life...  does it?

As most of you know, I love good food. And this means I don’t shy away from trying out new cuisines and experimenting. And Lucknow is really buzzing when activity when it comes to cuisine. Eos Bar and Bistro, rooftop eating option at Hotel Levana, has organized a Pan Asian Cuisine Food Festival and your’s truly hopped in there to grab a bit or two. However, this time I was sans my bestie but had my little niece and sister for company.

Presenting to you for your taste buds only
Pan Asian Food Festival at Hotel Levana

Levana has one of the best locations in the city. Situated in the heart of Lucknow in Hazratganj area, it also has valet parking so you can go with your family too. Eos Bar and Bistro is its rooftop restaurant that has interior and exterior seating. We were greeted warmly by Executive Sous Chef Khemchand Godiyal (who was sweet enough to come even on his off day) and F&B Manager Sudhakar. The entire area has been decked up beautiful in Oriental Style with lamps and lights, apart from Laughing Buddhas and Bamboo Plants.

The festival’s menu has a heady mix of dishes from cuisines like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian and Taiwanese. From Appetisizers to Soups to Main Course and even desserts and cocktails, everything spells Pan Asian.  Chef Khemchand and his deputy Chef Vinod Karki told us that some of the spices and herbs have specially been imported for the fest to give authentic taste. We started with Jasmine Tea, which is one of the most popular appetizers in both Japanese and Chinese cuisine. A warm, sugarless concoction, it is great to start off an awesome meal.

Next was Zushi from Japanese Cuisine and Dimsums from Cantonese Cuisine. We started with Chicken Celery Dimsums. The dimsums were soft and well steamed on the outside, and the inside filling of minced chicken mixed with celery was perfectly juicy and flavourful. Must try if you are a momo lover.

Next was Black Pepper Chicken Sumai in Wanton. A different variant of the dimsum, the chicken filling had a strong black pepper flavor which made it spicy, yet amazing. Another must try for sure.

For veggies, you can always start with a veg Zushi. We tried the Rice Zushi which was loads of herbs rolled in cooked rice, served with two amazing dips. One of the dips has a taste from the hills as Chef Khemchand wanted to add some Hilly flavours too. This is a must have for veg lovers.

 Another dish that veg lovers will surely enjoy is Edamame. Young Soyabeans tossed in three types of peppers, this one is a box full of proteins. Yummy and quite crunchy too. Although I don’t like Soya much, but loved this.

We moved to Curries. For veg, we tried the Rice with Japanese Curry. An absolute delight, the rice was well steamed and the curry…. Outstanding. The curry had nice veggies cooked in tangy gravy which was a heady mix of tomato, honey and veggies. Truly appetizing….

For the non veg, we tried the Thai Curry with rice. The curry has juicy chicken pieces cooked in a gravy that has a strong turmeric flavor. Quite desi in the feel, yet very oriental in the taste. Loved it.

Next on our table as Devil Chicken and this I must say, I loved the most. Super juicy and soft pieces of chicken marinated in soft spices and herbs… Much against the name, it was more saintly J Loved how each and every piece had flavours oozing out of it.

 For desserts too, we tried something authentically Pan Asian, Darsan with Vanilla.  Darsaan is a popular Chinese Dessert made with fried wonton noodles. The noodles are drizzled with Honey and Sesame seeds and accompanied with a scoop of Vanilla Icecream. The crunchy darsan found its perfect match in Vanilla ice cream and the result…. Ah-mazing.  Definitely try this out.

We washed it all with an awesome cocktail of Vodka with Litchi (Lychee) Juice and Lemongrass. Incidentally, Litchi Juice happens to be my favourite addition for Vodka and the Lemongrass just added a zing to the cocktail.

The festival is on till March 27 and is open for both lunch and dinner time. A meal for two with cocktails can come to INR 2000 which is quite affordable.

PEL Food-O-Meter
Ambience: 5 (Love the Live Kitchen concept)
Food: 4.9 (The variety and flavours are awesome)
Service: 4.9 (The staff is very warm and friendly)
Value for Money: 5 (The food is really affordable).

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