A Palace that always welcomes…. Jehangirabad Palace

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Sorry for such long breaks in posting. I have been keeping really busy. Btw, two months have already passed in 2017… and did we notice? Isn’t this year really passing by so fast?
One of my resolutions this year and for all the years coming ahead is to explore and discover my beautiful country. With so many different cultures and so many different styles of architecture, India certainly offers something or the other for everyone. And the wanderer in me seems to be happy. So I decided to start off with the city I live in, Lucknow. Now, the city of nawabs is always looked up as a place with monuments like the Imambaras and Residency. But there is a lot more to this beautiful city than just these… And I started my journey with one such gem, The Jehangirabad Palace.
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A Palace that always welcomes, Jehangirabad Palace

Situated in the heart of the city in Hazratganj, the Jehangirabad Palace is something which cannot be missed. A brief about the palace and the Jehangirabad estate, spread in Lucknow and Barabanki districts - The estate was awarded by Emperor Jehangir to Raja Farzand Ali hence came the name Jehangirabad. The Jehangirabad palace at Lucknow was made to entertain rather than live permanently, as the Raja was happy to host parties and dinners for various guests, including the British. Post independence, the family decided to use it as a residence.

Interestingly, the palace has a strong connection with Australia. The architecture of the palace was inspired by Sir Walter Burley Griffin in the 1930's. He is the man and architect responsible for the city of Canberra in Australia. The architecture of the palace is Indian on the façade, but the internal dimensions are mostly European with Fibonacci principles. Presently the palace is primarily used as the residence of Raja Mohammed Jamal Rasaul Khan and his heir, Dr Yogendra Sameer Yadav and their families. As per its tradition, it still welcomes guests and hold receptions for tourist groups and dignitaries. The property would soon turn into a heritage hotel, opening its doors for the masses to have a glimpse of this beautiful heritage.

Visiting this beautiful palace is indeed an experience in itself. The old world charm is still intact with wood being exquisitely used in its architecture. Dr Yogendra Sameer Yadav, the heir, is a practicing lawyer, who also did a course in Preservation of Heritage to protect and enrich his family’s precious legacy. “This is one of the most beautiful palaces in the Oudh region and the family is committed to protect it. But without proper understanding, this wasn’t possible as the upkeep of such buildings is a technical thing,” says Dr Yadav.
The palace majorly has halls. Of course, since it was built to welcome guests and hold parties, these halls are an integral part of its design. On the ground floor, there are three halls which have beautiful architecture and designs on the walls and the floor too. The family has made it a point to keep the real design intact. Interestingly, one can find a bump right in the middle of one of the halls, which is visible but doesn’t affect in any way. “This came while the palace was being constructed. And no one has any clue how this happened and how the land shifted. Nothing could repair it but it has never affected in any way,” Dr Yadav tells us.

On the first floor there are halls too, with wooden flooring that are perfect for those ballroom dance parties or buffet dinners. Interestingly, the architecture is such that even if you are dancing hard, there isn’t much noise going outside the hall.

Eminent city tours planners have been exploring Jehangirabad Palace as a tourist attraction. Ajay Jain, director of Waltz India, who is an eminent Lucknowphile and also one of the best tour planners for Oudh region, calls this one of the most beautiful palaces in the heart of the city. “What makes Jehangirabad Palace interesting is not just its architecture, but also the fact that it is a place which always welcomes. And even amidst such hustle bustle, there is peace in here.” Waltz can be suitably contacted if one is planning to visit and explore the palace.

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