Food Demonstration of Royal Recipes With Waltz India Tours 

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Lucknow is a city which is famous for food, especially non-vegetarian. It is actually a non-vegetarians delight… (even veg lovers will find loads here). Since the nawabi era, food has played an integral role in the growth of the city. And one cannot miss enjoying some amazing delicacies while you are in the city, as a local or as a explorer.
While exploring the city through its food, how about trying a few dishes that have been handed down to a royal family through generations? And not just trying them, but even seeing how they are made to make this experience even more beautiful?
With this experience in mind, Waltz India Tours, one of the best tour promoters and organizers of Lucknow, organize Food Demonstrations of Royal recipes in the city. I was lucky to witness one such demonstration, organized for a group of women travelling from the US to this beautiful city. The demonstration, organized at Alishma Foods in Chowk area, was simply ecstatic. Now before I go on and on,
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Food Demonstration of Royal Recipes
With Waltz India Tours 

Waltz India Tours is one of the best tour operators in the city, promoting the beautiful heritage of Lucknow in different and unique ways. The food demonstration is one such way, where one can not only enjoy some royal recipes, but even see how they are made. This food tour is organized at Alishma Foods.
Situated right behind Jama Masjid in Old City area, Alishma is an open air restaurant which has a good parking area and beautiful view, especially in the evening. The owner, Yasir Abbas, is a descendent of Nawab Asafudaulah, one of the eminent nawabs of Oudh. Here’s a click of what Alishma looks like.

The food demonstration offer two dishes – Murg Dara Nawab, named after Yaseer’s Grandfather, and Lahori Fried Chicken, recipes that have been handed down by generations. Murg Dara Nawab is a rich chicken dish where a whole chicken is marinated in spices and curd for a few hours. After marination, it is filled with keema (minced meat) of beef or mutton, a paste of dry fruits including cashew, almonds and more, a paste of ginger and garlic with some special spices, apart from herbs. It is slow cooked for a few hours so that the spices and pastes get mixed with the juices of chicken to give it a unique, smoked kind of a flavour. Here are some clicks of the demonstration of Murg Dara Nawab and the final dish.

The second dish is Lahori Fried Chicken. Yaseer proudly tells that this has been patented by Alishma. This dish was prepared specially for the nawabs by chefs who came from Lahore in undivided India. After partition, some of them moved to Pakistan. The dish has been named to recognize the efforts and service of the original chefs. A deep fried dish, this is more like chicken fritters but the recipe is such that it is not too oily and the flavour and juiciness of chicken stays intact despite the deep frying. Here are some clicks of the Lahori Fried Chicken, popularly called LFC.

And here are two photos of me with Yaseer and a group of ladies who were travelling all the way from America for a royal experience to Lucknow with Waltz.

If you are visiting Lucknow and food is on top of your list, do connect to Waltz India Tours for this awesome activity. Not only you get to enjoy some royal dishes, but also see how they are made to get a different experience altogether. You can connect to Waltz India through their FB page here or through Ajay Jain here.

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