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By Tarry


By now, I am sure most of you what a big foodie I am. Well people, you see I love good food. And if that good food is coupled with good ambience and amazing company, Wallah! what a deal...
Lucknow is really growing as a city in terms of offering an array of choices for food lovers, tourists and business visitors too. I remember when we shifted here some 17 years ago, there were hardly any options. But now, almost every month a new joint is either opening or relaunching to give some new zing to the taste buds.
The Spice Factory is one such name which recently relaunched its menu. The name itself is awesome enough to invite the food lovers. Your's truly, alongwith a few more bloggers from the city, was invited to taste the new, relaunched menu with a promise to make people love each and every dish.
Now, not making this intro too long,
Presenting my deets on
Relaunch menu at The Spice Factory

Location is the first good thing about this place. Located at the fourth floor of City Mall in Gomti Nagar, TSF ensures that parking your vehicle isn't an issue. So be it a group of friends or family, you can always get everyone in here. The restaurant has a simplistic, minimalistic kind of design with décor majorly including some beautiful paintings. Since it does not speak too loudly, one can enjoy a peaceful meal for sure.

Coming to the food now. I taste some veg and non veg dishes from their new menu. While the veg dishes were full of flavour, the non veg dishes too were cooked to perfection. Read on what I felt about each and every dish.


Bhutte Pyaaz ke khaas kebab - Very light on spices, these kebabs are a good options for starters, specially for the vegetarians.

Dahi ke sunhare kebab - Another good options for the vegetarians. The outer is quite crisp, while the inside too was nice. Again, light on spices but good with flavour.

Raan-e-Mirza - This is a mutton lovers delight. The raan, or the thigh portion, cooked to juicy perfection with spices. A must try.

Dhuan Boti Kebab - Another one for the mutton lovers. Cooked on slow smoke, this one is quite juicy too and has a smoked flavour which makes it stand out. Another must have.

Aata chicken : Now before you start searching for the chicken in the photo above, lemme tell you... it's inside this dough. Cooked with mild spices in a dum like manner inside this dough, this chicken is a must try for chicken lovers. I loved the flavours.

Main Course dishes

Bharwan Murg Palak Ke Kofte : A heady mix of spinach and chicken, this one has a tangy kind of a taste which is more spinach and less chicken. You will surely love it if you love a little experimentation with chicken.

Baghare Baigan - Traditionally a Hyderabadi dish, this one is nice but not too spicy like its Hyderabadi counterparts. Still, a good option.

Hyderabadi Dum Biryani - For those whose taste buds are used to the Lakhnawi or Awadhi style of Biryani, this would be a welcome change. However, if you are searching for the famous Paradise Biryani, this isn't the same. The flavours are rich and spicy, but not as spicy as its original. Yet, a must try for biryani lovers.


Phaldari Phirni - A nice, light rice pudding with fresh fruits. Not too high on sweet, nice and tasty.

Beetroot halwa - This one can turn you into Iron man for sure :-) The finely chopped beetroot cooked well in sugar syrup for a nice flavour. I super loved it.

The Spice Factory is a good destination for both vegetarians and non vegetarians. The starters and main course offer a good variety, with good flavours indeed. A must try place and I am sure you would go back.

Ambience: 5
Hospitality: 4.9
Variety: 4.9
Food: 5 (Love the flavours)
Value for Money: 4.9 (the portions are big enough)

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