Enjoy Sizzling delights at Get Sizzling Food Fest @ Kava by Fairfield

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By Tarry

I am a foodie and this is one fact which people who know me well are well acquainted with. Even when I am travelling, I prefer enjoying some local food than dining in the best hotels. In terms of high end eating options however my taste buds are quite particular. I know hotels, especially chains, hire some of the best chefs in the country but somehow, not every place appeals to my taste buds. And in Lucknow, Marriott’s budget property FAIRFIELD BY MARRIOTT is a place I can keep going back.
Their chefs do have a knack of presenting food in the most authentic way, but with a little twist. J
The hotel’s dining facility, KAVA, is currently organizing a food festival, GET SIZZLING. And as you guessed it, this is a festival dedicated to some awesome sizzlers. Me and bestie went to check out their fare and here’s what we feel about it.

Presenting my deets on
‘Get Sizzling’ Sizzlers fest at Kava 

We always love how the staff of Kava is very friendly and courteous the moment you reach there. We went on a very busy day and the restaurant was bustling with people. Vishal Chawan, the Food and Beverage Manager of the property, was our man to talk about the fest. “Since winters are the best time to enjoy some sizzling delicacies, we decided to gift the best of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights to food loving Lucknowites,” he told us.
Chef Prashant Suryavanshi, the man whose spoons rule the kitchen, and Chef Sher Bahadur were the guys who have decided on the sizzler palate. In the vegetable platter, one can choose from Shashlik Paneer, Mexicana Paneer, Vegetable Schezwan Cutlet, Paneer Chili with Jamaican Exotic Vegetables, Corn Cheese Cutlet and Vegetable Sizzler. Chicken lovers can choose from Chicken Sausages, Julienne Chicken with Honey Ginger, Chilli Chicken, Schezwan Chicken, Chicken Tikke, Malaysian Grilled Chicken, Mexican Chicken and Jamaican Sizzling Chicken. And for hard core lamb lovers, Lamb Chops, Malaysian Lamb Fillet, Coriander Stewed Lamb Shashlik and Jamaican Lamb chops are up for grabs.
 The sizzlers are accompanied by a host of sauces like Jamaican Jerk Sauce, Hot Garlic, Sweet and Sour, Peri Peri and Coriander Sauce. For starch, add French fries, potato wedges, roast potato, sweet potato or masala French fries. Top this all with Veg fried rice, veg hakka noodles, veg schezwan rice, herb pilaf or steam rice.
 For starters, you can select from an array of chaat items which Chef Prashant and team have beautifully put up. We tried the papdi chaat and found it to our perfection. We were also served an amazing Jamaican Watermelon Drink. The drink had watermelon as its main flavour, fused beautifully with fruit tingle syrup which is a mix of cranberry and passionfruit. Refreshing, yet not too cooling to fit into winter menu.

We tried one veg and one chicken sizzler and here is what we felt about it, alongwith my bestie’s clicks.

For veg, we tried the Paneer Chilli with Jamaican Exotic Vegetables. It had Jamaican Jerk sauce with French fries and Hakka Noodles. The sizzler is just perfect to ignite your senses. Your sense of sight, smell and taste are all ignited with this amazing preparation. Veggies like Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Tomatoes and Zuccini not only add to the colour, but even enhance the taste. Here is one more photo of this amazing sizzler.

In non veg, we tried the Jamaican Sizzling Chicken with coriander sauce, accompanied with potato wedges and fried rice. This one too is a treat for the senses. In the taste department, this scores an ace. The chicken was well cooked and juicy enough to be eaten with rice. The veggies and sauce add an exotic flavour to the chicken. The sauce was good with the rice as well.

We were quite filled since the portions are really filling. But who wants to miss out on Kava’s delightful desserts. From desi to cakes and pies, there is something for everyone. We tried the Banana cake and Man! It was out of this world.

The fest is on at dinner time till January 29, 2017. The veg platter is priced at INR 550 plus taxes and the Non-veg platter at INR 600 plus taxes.
Here are some more clicks and a surprise.....

That's me in a fun mood....

Chef Prashant with his awesome creation, ready to be served on our table.

The awesome twosome, Chef Prashant and Chef Sher Bahadur.
And here's the surprise....the final moments of the sizzler... Hear the sizzling sound...

The Sizzler food fest at Kava at Fairfield by Marriott is a must visit for every food lover. If you love sizzlers, this is the perfect place for you to enjoy one. And if you want to try out for the first time, this is just the place for you. Because not only the team helps you make a perfect choice, but also let you understand what each ingredient does. Must visit for sure.

All clicks by : Mohammad Naeem Chishti

Ambience: 5 (The restaurant has a lovely view and ample lights)
Hospitality: 4.9
Variety: 4.9
Food: 5 (Love the flavours)
Value for Money: 4.9 (the portions are big enough)

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  1. Delicious treat and there service is very good........thank you blogger for your effort

  2. Delicious treat and there service is very good........thank you blogger for your effort

  3. Good read! I'm definitely gonna try their yummy sizzlers today only. Good luck😊

  4. Absolutely a treat for tummy 😍😍 loved the way u have written the whole post


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