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By Tarry


So how was your new year beginning? Mine was amazing as I decided to let go of a few things in life, and although it was a little painful, I am feeling much lighter…

Anyways, this is the first post for 2017 so let’s start with a smile :-)
Amongst the many resolutions I made for 2017, one is try to use more natural, chemical free or low chemical products. This is not just an attempt to make my life better, but even the environment. Maybe the earth with smile a little more with my small efforts.
Recently, I landed upon this brand called Junaili. It is based in a small town called Rautakhet in Nainital, up in the beautiful Kumaon Hills. I have already reviewed their awesome Apricot scrub which has absolutely no chemicals. Their products are made in small batches to ensure purity. Also, the bottle labels to have a story. They are handwritten, improvised on photoshop.... Aren't these things inspiring enough to try?

While my review for the scrub came in quick, I wanted to see the long lasting results of the body oil through many uses. And now, when there is barely any oil left in my bottle, I am ready for review.

Presenting my deets on

INR 350 for 120 ml

Online through their FB page Junaili or the merchant website here 

On the Outside
The Junaili Apricot Oil comes in a dark brown plastic bottle with a screw open cap and a stopper. The bottle has the beautiful handwritten Junaili label, and since it is a dark colour bottle, it keeps the purity of the cold pressed oil intact. The plastic bottle ensures that it is easy to travel with. A very functional and beautiful packaging indeed.

On the Inside
The Junaili Apricot Oil is cold pressed apricot kernel oil, as pure as having the apricots themselves. It is a beautiful amber colour and smells woody. The oil is light and non-greasy and does not leave any colour or residue. I have found not just one, but several uses of it and in each use, it has excelled.

Here are my uses and my review –
Body Oil : As a body oil, this one is perfect for winters. After a warm shower, apply it on your body and trust me, you will not need any moisturizer or body butter anymore.
Face Serum Oil : My knowledge of aroma therapy came in handy here. I use a mix of apricot oil (carrier) and Geranium oil with rosemary oil. My combination skin has never felt better. I have combination skin with dry and oily patches and this serum works like magic. Dry patches look much better and there have been absolutely no breakouts since I started using this serum. Also, my acne marks have reduced drastically and so have the fine lines which started appearing.
Hair Finishing Serum : This has worked wonders all through the winters so far for my wavy, frizzy hair. I use two drops of this oil as a serum on damp hair, before blow drying them or using a hair dryer. And my hair looks much more manageable and shiny. You can also add it to your conditioner to make a deep conditioning mask.

With so many uses, isn’t my love for Junaili Apricot Oil obvious? For me, this is a relationship I am committed to all my life. No matter what happens, we aren’t breaking up anyway… ;-) I love this magical oil and with its price, I feel it should be there on everyone’s kitty, be it men or women. Do try it out for sure.

PEL Rating
I would love to rate it a 5 on 5. 

Do share your comments and views below. Your comments really make us feel so happy :-)  Also, if you are a blogger, leave your blog links and we will surely form a mutual connect. Stay blessed …


  1. I've borrowed frm your knowledge of aromatherapy & have bought both Geranium , Rosemary oil & will be buying this to make a face serum. Will tell you how it worked out .

  2. I love handmade products. An apricot oil straight from the Kumaon hills sounds amazing. Will give it a try :)

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  3. wow gr8...this seems a must try. recently have heard a lot abt this brand.


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