Polish your skin to a fabulous glow with Aroma Essentials Tamarind and Sugarcane Polish

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By Tarry                                                                                
Hello pretty people 
How's the week going? I feel like saying "Ho Ho Ho" today.... or maybe just "Hark the Herald angels sing".... 

Yes, you know it. Tis the season to be jolly. And also the season to look good and glowing. So the product I am reviewing today fits the bill perfectly. 

You know I love Aroma Essentials. I have reviewed so many products so far. And trust me, I like all of them. The likeness levels may be higher in case of some products, but it is there. This time, I am reviewing a product from this amazing brand which is indeed a must have for everyone. Whether you have dry skin or normal, dark or fair, you need this in your life. Now not talking much... 

Presenting my deets on  

Aroma Essentials Tamarind & Sugarcane Polish 

INR 650 for 100 gms  

Online through their FB page Aroma Essentials

On the Outside
The Aroma Essentials Tamarind and Sugarcane Polish comes in a cute plastic jar. It has a firm screw lid. The packaging has the signature Aroma Essentials label with all basic details on it. Even the label on the jar has all details. I would have loved some colourful labels but this is also fine. Overall it’s a nice and cute packaging and quite travel-friendly too.

On the Inside 
This one looks really awesome.... just like Imli ki Chutney. The amber brown coloured polish has fine cane sugar particles. You can feel these particles with your fingers. 
However, once on face, they don't feel too gritty at all. It smells really tangy and you may get tempted to eat it ;-) 
I use it on moist face and hands and have noticed that within a few seconds, the sugar melts alongwith the tamarind paste. There is a little lather (which is natural with tamarind, and I know since when you wash tamarind, you see some lather). After using this for around 5 to 6 minutes, washing the face with lukewarm water leaves the skin awesome. Infact, I have been using it whenever I want that extra glow on my skin and this has taken care of all the summer tan too. LOVE IT!!

BTW, here are some beauty benefits of Tamarind
Studies have proved that tamarind's alpha hydroxy acids help in removing pigmentation marks, dark spots as well as polishing your skin.  Vitamin A, C and anti-oxidants in this fruit aid in soothing inflammation and removing dark patches too. Applying tamarind juice is really beneficial in removing facial blemishes a great deal. Tamarind has power to whiten and brighten your skin tone and improving your skin's quality to make it velvety smooth and youthful as well.

This has to be my HG skin polish. YES! I love it so much.... and I feel that the Aroma Essentials Tamarind and Sugarcane Polish would be my favourite from the brand too. I just love it. The skin looks amazing once you use it. Clean, tan-free, glowing and super smooth... You feel like touching yourself more often... even in winters... I can keep buying it again and again and this is a must must must have...

PEL Rating 
Nothing less than 5 on 5. 

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  1. Good one tarry 👍🏻 Really informative :) will try soon

  2. I have tried a few products from them and they are so good. I would love to try this one too. Nice review.


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