My Hair Straightening Experience at TBC by Nature Salon

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By Tarry

Hello my lovelies

So finally Mr Sun has decided to make some good appearances this week. 

Winters are just the perfect time for experimentation with hair. Why you may ask? Because of two reasons : lesser humidity and sweat and 2, you can always repair and nourish with loads of oil massages and hair masks. But yes, not going too harsh is the key word, always

I recently got my hair straightened, temporarily. Actually, I had been wanting to get my hair straightened for quite some time. Just for a change.... since I have thick and wavy hair. Now don't take me wrong. I love my hair a lot. But who doesn't like a change... Hai na... :-)

So I decided to get my hair ironed professionally at TBC By Nature Salon. This new outlet has opened in Lucknow in Aashiyana area, near the Power House Crossing, recently and offers a wide range of services for skin care and hair care at very affordable prices. Apart from these services, they also have a skilled team of makeup and hair stylists for the festive season. 

Here is a view of the salon. 

The Salon is quite spacious and has awesome lighting. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I was told that since my hair is wavy, I may not have a strong poker straight hair kind of look without using any setting options. However, since I just wanted a sleek look, I avoided any chemicals. 

After a wash and hair mask, my hair was ironed. A heat protection serum was used to minimise any heat damage. All this was done while I sipped coffee... :-) 

And here is the final outcome immediately after the ironing. 

I loved the look. Since I have bangs, the ironing made my hair look sleek and polished. Also, the ironing stayed for a decent time, although I had not used any chemicals or setting lotions or gels. 

Here are some pics of my hair an hour after I got them ironed. 

Overall, I must say I am quite impressed by the services of TBC by Nature Salon. They use good quality products, have well trained staff and are really affordable. Do try them out if you are in Lucknow and are looking for a good salon. 

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