#BreakfastTrails Of Indian Winters & English Breakfast at Buttercup Bunglow

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By Tarry

“You don't need a silver fork to eat good food..."
-- Paul Prudhomme

AS I write this, it's becoming foggy once again. We had such a lovely spell of sunny days the entire week, but the weekend is back at being all white and foggy... 

Weekend, specially winter weekends, are the perfect time to move out and enjoy. And what can be better than having a good breakfast with friends or family? 

Yes, I am back again with one of the most loved and read features, #BreakfastTrails. This has become one of the most read sections of the blog, and I am so thankful to all you people for your love. 

This time, our trails took us to one of the finest food addresses in Lucknow and perhaps the only English Tea Room in the city of Nawabs. We decided to check out the Breakfast options available at Buttercup Bunglow, a quaint little English Tea Room and Bakery situated in the heart of the city in Mall Avenue area. 

The eating joint is just two years old (it is celebrating it's second anniversary this week) but has created a benchmark for the city. Owned by master Baker Aarti Vaid, Buttercup Bunglow is the perfect place if you are looking for amazing breakfast options (low cal, high carb and lot more) in a quaint setting that reminds you of those old European bakeries and eateries in hills. Despite the hustle bustle outside, the place is quite and warm, beaming with the warmth of its owners and staff. 

Presenting the latest edition of Breakfast Trails

Breakfast at Buttercup Bunglow

Cute Cupcakes at Buttercup Bunglow

 My photographer bestie Naeem Chishti has to accompany me to these awesome #BreakfastTrails journeys. And this time too, he was happy to be at Buttercup Bunglow. The place is simply beautiful. So while you wait for your breakfast to get ready, take a look around the place and find that perfect place to take a selfie or a full fledged awesome photograph. Check out bestie's clicks of the place. 

Exteriors of Buttercup Bunglow

The beautiful roof that adds to the beauty

Interiors at Buttercup Bunglow

This area is perfect for a selfie or the groupfie. 

Now over to the food. Buttercup Bunglow has a collection of different cuisines. From English to American, it serves all. Aarti Vaid is an avid traveller, and this is truly reflected in the menu too. Over to what we chose and how we felt about it. 

Belgian Chocolate Waffles

Belgian Chocolate Waffles : I am a die hard waffle lover. And must say, this was a classic. Infact, these are indeed the best waffles in Lucknow. Crispy, well made, served with Nutella and chocolate sauce. Oh so damn sinful!

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict : This was indeed one of the best egg benedict in Lucknow. The muffin was soft, the poached egg cooked perfectly and the hollandaise sauce was truly perfect. This is quite filling in itself. An egg lover's delight. 

Corn on Toast

Corn on Toast : A Buttercup Bunglow Special, which is also one of their best sellers. A must have for corn lovers, this one comes with a nice dip. The toasts are cooked to near perfection and taste best when fresh on your table. 

Red Velvet Pancake with Cream Cheese Compote

Red Velvet Pancake with Cream Cheese Compote : This has to be my all time favourite for sure. Afterall, Buttercup Bunglow has the best Red Velvet Cake in Lucknow. The red velvet pancakes are well cooked pancakes, which taste mildly sweet and are awesome for a breakfast treat. My love forever. 

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake : When in Buttercup Bunglow, how can you miss the Red Velvet cake. This place is definitely a heaven for Red Velvet lovers. And although this may not be a breakfast item, yet there is no harm in having a bite.... What say!!

Cold Coffee Shake : Buttercup Bunglow is a part of Cappuchino Blast, and it serves amazing beverages too. I chose the cold coffee shake and loved it to bits. Served in a mason jar with chocolate syrup, it was just the way I like my coffees too be. And yes, I love Cold Coffee even in winters. 

Buttercup Bunglow has a menu with over 80 items. But what makes it different is the Tea Room. They serve a large variety of teas in their tea room, and each one is accompanied by a cute Tea Bag cookie, a BB exclusive creation. They are also the only place in Lucknow serving Afternoon Tea and Cream Tea. Here, the tea is served in a single tier or two tier cake stand with homemade cakes, scones, red velvet cookies or finger sandwiches. A complete meal in itself. Their bakery is also one of the best in the city, and you can pick up muffins, cupcakes or pastries for your breakfast too. They even serve low cal breakfast for dieters.  

Buttercup Bunglow is the perfect destination for Breakfast in Lucknow. Be it the food or the beautiful exteriors and interiors, everything about this place is 

All clicks by Naeem Chishti


Ambiance: 5 (The clicks can tell all)
Food: 4.9 
Presentation: 5
Service: 4.9
Value for Money: 4.9 (The portions are quite big, good enough for two, so choose wisely)

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