#BreakfastTrails ... Enjoy a meal of royalty at Ajrak at Lebua

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By Tarry

“Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments…”
-- Bethenny Frankel

WO! This year’s winters seem to have come with a vengeance.

When was the last time you remember that we saw such thick fog in the first week of December itself? Brace up for some strong winters for sure.

We are back again with one of our most loved and read features, #BreakfastTrails. And this time, we decided to talk about a Breakfast venue that is filled with royalty and regality of the bygone era, amidst the hustle bustle of modern life.

Lebua, one of the best known names for luxury hotels in South Asia, has recently opened its luxury boutique heritage hotel in Lucknow. The property is a refurbished erstwhile haveli, Saraca Estate, which is situated in politically prominent area of Mall Avenue. It boasts of awesome rooms, lush green lawns, architecture that dates back to the 1900s and an ambiance which takes you back in time.

The property has an awesome fine dining restaurant, Azrak. The name comes from the Arabic word for Blue or indigo, traditionally a colour denoted for royalty. And the name perfectly suits the restaurant which is a beautiful area with blue floors, well lit interiors (the windows filter in a lot of natural light) and simple, yet classy furniture.

Azrak is an all day dining option which has two seating areas, interior and exterior. While the interiors have a warm and cosy feeling with its blue and white interior, the outside area is simply perfect for winters, overseeing the lush greens of the property and recreating a European eatery style.

Presenting the latest edition of Breakfast Trails

Breakfast at AZRAK

 As hamesha, my photographer bestie Naeem Chishti was accompanying me to this one. And for once, he fell in love with the beauty of the place. Yes, Azrak is not just a treat to the tummy, but a treat to the eyes too. Check his clicks to savour the beauty of this place.

The beautiful Blue tiles with white interiors is so damn beautiful!

Can you see the sunlight filtering in so beautifully ??

Outdoor seating area of Azrak

I love these interiors :-)

Now over to the food. Azrak has a food spread which is a mix of Awadhi, Rajputana and Nizami cuisine, flavoured ably with Pan Asian cuisine as well. For breakfast too, the restaurant offers a heady mix. From a buffet to ala carte menu, everything looks delectable. The menu has an amazing spread indeed. The Breakfast specialties include Baker’s Basket, Cold cut mélange, choice of eggs from sunny side up to over easy, scrambled, poached and omelets, French toast, English Waffle, Truffle Scramble, Lebua Cheese Platter and Buttermilk pancake. For the Indian lovers, it offers Idli, Dosa, Upma, Uttapam, Parantha and Poori Bhaji.

From such a diverse menu, we decided to order lightly as we wanted to have a light but filling breakfast. And here is what we chose, with our views on it...

Indian Tea : Now this is a classic and any tea lover’s delight. Simple Indian Tea, yet perfect.

Spanish Omelet at Azrak / Indian Food Blog

Spanish Omelet at Azrak / Indian Food Blog

Spanish Omelet served with grilled tomatoes & brown potato hash brown : My bestie wanted this. You all know that he is an egg lover. The egg white omelet was light and fluffy, low on salt and perfect on flavour. The accompaniments were well cooked too.

Freshly brewed coffee : I have to start with coffee. Afterall, with winters in full swing, who wants to miss the coffee.

The sinful French Toast at Azrak / Indian Food Blog

A closer look at the French Toast at Azrak / Indian Food Blog
French Toast : French loaf slice, dipped in cinnamon and egg bater milk, panfried, topped with breakfast sugar. This was my choice and I really loved it. The smell of fresh baked bread and cinnamon was really exotic. And the toast was made to perfection. I can call it sinful even without chocolate.

Fresh Fruit Juice : This was indeed quite refreshing. Those who love juices in their breakfast will love it.

General Manager of the property, Kunal Baveja is a man who loves to see his guests loving their meal at Azrak. “We are offering Huge Breakfast Buffet with Juices, Cereals and Fresh Fruits to start with accompanied with some flavoured yogurts, Lassi , Butter Milk & Cold Coffee or Flavoured Shakes. Further we have variety of Hot buffet options from Idli / Vadas to Parathas / Chole Bhature or Puri Bhaji and a great variety of Continental Breakfast like Baked Beans, Sausages, Rosemary Potatoes etc. Our chefs, headed by our Chef de partie Supratim Ghatak,  will also entice you with egg preparations if it’s a sunny side up or cheese Omelettes or a classic preparation of Egg benedict. Our chefs can do it all. To top up, it will be great to close with our freshly brewed coffee or range of Tea,” he said in a conversation over coffee...

Me in conversation with GM of the property, Kunal Baveja

While the buffet is priced at INR 650 plus taxes, the Ala carte breakfast for two can cost around INR 2000.
This is a perfect place to enjoy a breakfast especially in winters, whether it is sunny or foggy as the ambiance has real old world charm to it. Check the clicks of the porch area and the front of the hotel's main building which leads to Azrak. 

The front porch area of Lebua Lucknow

The entrance to the beautiful haveli. 

All clicks by Naeem Chishti


Ambiance: 5 (The clicks can tell all)
Food: 4.9 (For calorie conscious people, it is a real delight as the food isn’t too oily)
Presentation: 5
Service: 4.9

Value for Money: 4 (being a luxury property it is slightly on the higher side)

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