Sunday Brunch Essentials at Fairfield by Marriott

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By Tarry
Hola lovelies

Sorry for missing in action for a week. First I had a very bad cold and then, some internet issues. But lo and behold, we are back in action and although it’s mid-week, I am posting something that will make you feel amazing all through the week till the weekend J
Winters are finally here and days get lazier, especially weekends like Sundays. Breakfast and lunch go for a toss, and in comes Brunch.  So how about having brunch at one of the best eating out options in Lucknow? Recently, Fairfield By Marriott kick started their Sunday Brunch Essentials at their 24 hour dining facility, Kava. You all must have already read my review of the restaurant here.
I and my bestie both loved the food there and when I asked bestie to accompany me for Kava Sunday Brunch essentials, he was all ready for it. The brunch is a perfect way to spend your lazy Sunday, since Chef Prashant Suryavanshi and his team make it a point to bring the best of breakfast and lunch menu on their platter.
I enjoyed every moment of this brunch, be it the welcome drink or the desserts. Not talking much now, presenting my deets on

Sunday Brunch Essentials at
Fairfield by Marriott

The spread is really amazing. From Mezze Platter to South Indian to English to Mughlai and Awadhi to Italian, it is all there at the Sunday Brunch. Chef Prashant told us that every Sunday, there would be a change in the menu to give new taste to those who wish to be regular at the brunch. Sounds awesome indeed.

Welcome Drink Counter with Ice Tea

We were welcomed with an amazing welcome drink. For welcome drink, the restaurant offers three different varieties of Ice Tea – Peach, Lemon and Tomato. While Peach and Lemon are regulars, we decided to check out the Tomato Ice Tea. And believe me, the flavour was simply awesome. Regular tea blended in tomato puree made the flavour really out of this world. F&B Manager Vishal Chawan said, “We like to experiment with the flavours to offer new tastes to the people and this welcome drink is a fine example for that.”

After the welcome drink, I decided to check out the spread. And I must say, it was amazing. Decided to have chaat from the chaat counter since I am a big street food fan. Chef Prashant asked me for my choice and I opted for my favourite Papdi Chaat. The chaat was made to perfection, with perfectly crispy papdi and awesome toppings. 

Papdi Chaat

Can't control my excitement for my papdi chaat :-)

Next was the salads. Here too the choice was amazing. From fresh crispy veggie mix to Aloo Chana Mix, there is something for all. I tried the latter and found it to be a great starter. 

Aloo Chana Mix

Salad Assortments

Mix toppings for salad

Loved the sight of this crunchy green lettuce leaves

Next came the main course. We decided to check everything in bits to get the best. I infact also tried the Pasta, made live in front of me with toppings of my choice. 
There is also a Mezze Platter and a cold meat counter for those who want to check that out. 

Cold Meat Platter

In the main course, the dishes which we loved and recommend are as follows : In the non-veg section, Raan, Mutton Nihari, Grilled Fish Herb Lemon Butter, Tandoori Murg, Butter Chicken and Biryani. The Butter chicken, Kakori Kebabs and Biryani were amazing, and bestie loved the Kakori Kebabs and the Mutton Nihari, calling it made to perfection. For the veg lovers, do try the Sarson Ka Saag (a seasonal punjabi delicacy), Paneer Makhni, Dal Tadka and the all time favourite, Dal Sultani

Tandoori Murg

Mutton Nihari

Grilled Fish Herb Lemon Butter

Chicken Biryani

Veg and Non veg mix dishes

This is our spread..... 

After all this food, I did not want to miss out a chance to enjoy some pasta too. And the chef really made it to my perfection. Not very spicy, full of crunchy veggies with low salt and pink sauce... just the way I love it. 

My crunchy veggie pasta
Although we were really full, we did keep some space in that tummy for the awesome desserts. The platter was full here too... For the calorie conscious, try the Fruit Cocktail. This can be followed by Banana cake, Fruit Cake, Cheese Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Cake.... phew. And for the desi lovers, Raj Bhog, Anjeer Kaju Barfi and the best, Baked Gulab Jamun with Rabdi spread... truly out of this world. 

Extra toppings for Ice Cream or cakes

Baked Gulab Jamun with Rabdi Spread


Anjeer Kaju Barfi

Cheese Cake

Red Velvet Cake

Banana Cake

Fruit cake

Fresh Fruit Cocktail
 WOW! This was an amazing spread. The Sunday Brunch Essentials is priced at INR 700 plus taxes and the spread will change every Sunday. Chef Prashant and his team makes it a point to make each and every dish taste amazing, with the authentic flavours in place. 

Chef Prashant Suryavanshi with his master team.... Thanks everyone :-)

My brunch outfit. All details are on my Instagram. do follow me there... 

All Photos by : Naeem Chishti

We really loved each and every dish we savoured. The flavours were perfect and awesome. The welcome drink is indeed a must have, and so are the desserts. But do not forget the main course too. Or, just ask the chef to make some awesome pasta with toppings of your choice. Advance reservation is a good idea since Kava is an awesome location for food lovers. You can make your reservations by checking out here. With lazy winters setting in, the Sunday Brunch at Fairfield is definitely a must visit. Thumbs Up. 

Do share your comments and views below. Your comments really make us feel so happy :-)  Also, if you are a blogger, leave your blog links and we will surely form a mutual connect. Stay blessed …


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