Savour the healthy Lemon Zest and Orange Spice Green Tea from Tea Raja

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Hi lovelies .... 
I am sure all of you are worried about smog these days.... Seriously, I feel so scared of even stepping out of the house, although Lucknow is not as bad as Delhi. But still, where are we heading to? 

So these days I am trying to adopt healthier habits. And regular intake of green tea is something which me and my mom have adopted. I don't like the basic flavour a lot, so always keep on a lookout for some flavoured variants in green tea. Amidst my search, I came across this website called The website is owned by jain Tea Company from Kolkata, a company which is over two decades old in the business of tea. Each of their brand and flavours is carefully curated and created to give you an exotic flavour. 

The brand has over 40 different variants of teas. From Darjeeling Tea, Oolong Tea, Assam CTC, Green Tea, Flavoured Tea, Fannings Tea and more, you will find almost everything on their website. Me and mom got a chance to try some of their amazing flavoured teas which are good for those who enjoy sipping this golden elixir in its various forms. 

Presenting my deets on 

Tea Raja Orange Spice Green Tea

& Lemon Zest Extravaganza

INR 299 for 100 gms onwards  

 These different assortments and flavoured teas are available exclusively on their official website 

On the Outside
The Tea Raja flavoured green teas have different packing according to the weight. The smallest ones are packed in moisture lock zipper pouches. Both these citrusy teas are infusion based. While the Lemon Zest Extravaganza is a premix powder, the orange spice green tea is in a leaf form. Both need to be prepared by infusing them in boiling water and then straining. 
The packaging has basic details which is good. 

On the Inside 
Here is a review about both the teas. First, the Lemon Zest Extravaganza. If you love Lemon tea, you will surely love this flavour. The strong sweet lime flavour tastes refreshing both cold and hot. It is in a powder form but needs to be strained well. 
The Orange Spice Green Tea is a spice and orange mix. You can actually see dried orange rind in the tea to give that strong aroma of orange. However, the flavour comes from the ginger, cinnamon and other herbs. This is awesome as a hot infusion as it gives warmth the moment you start sipping it. 
The flavour is simply perfect for the fall winter season. I have a few more flavours from the brand which I will be reviewing super soon... so stay tuned. 

The Tea Raja Lemon Zest Extravaganza and Orange Spice Green Tea are two citrusy variants that are a must have for all tea lovers. While the first one is good for both summers and winters, the second is wonderful for winters because of its flavour and herbs. The brand offers a number of variants for all to find their perfect cuppa. Definitely check it out. 

Do share your comments and views below. Your comments really make us feel so happy :-)  Also, if you are a blogger, leave your blog links and we will surely form a mutual connect. Stay blessed …


  1. This is a very interesting flavour.. I've got to give it a try.

    1. Yes you should. I particularly loved the Orange Spice variant. Thanks for visiting

  2. Orange spice flavor seems tempting. Will give it a try as I love trying different types of tea.

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    1. Ya archana... even I loved this one more. Do check them out because they have apple flavoured teas too.


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