OOTD What's life without a little lounging... ft Nordlich.com

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By Tarry

“Do not take life too seriously... You will never get out of it alive … -”
– Elbert Hubbard

Hello my lovelies

Happy autumn .... and happy knocking of the winters too :-)
How many of you have been following me on instagram? I just started posting random mini videos on instagram diaries..... Simply random videos. But soon, I am planning to give you a brief glimpse of the posts for the week, mini reviews and a lot more. Do follow me there. 

Anyways, autumns are the best time to hang out with friends. While evenings come in earlier, the day is also not as hot to not roam around. Infact, most of the times me and my friends end up having last moment plans for going for a brunch, a quick coffee or maybe just some chaat or momos from that favourite thela. And all such plans barely leave you anytime to dress up. In such times, the all favourite time Tees and humble pajamas always come for rescue. 

A pair of tee and pajama is not only comfortable enough to move out with friends, but also looks quite trendy and fashionable if you are able to get your hands on a good one. Recently, while searching online for some good pajamas and tees (I am slightly curvy, so love tees which are a little longer), I came across this eCommerce site Nordlich.comThe brand is exclusively for sleepwear and lounge wear for men and women and has coordinated sets for couples too. The designs are truly international keeping in mind the latest trends and look fabulous. They are perfect not just for home, but even for that quick coffee with friends. 

I got a pair of a long lounge tee and a pajama from Nordlich and wore it on two different occasions for a eating out date with my friends and also, for a quick coffee. And believe me, I love the comfort they gave me. So just thought of sharing about them with you. 

Presenting my autumn lounging look.... 

What's life without a little lounging...

Ft Nordlich.com

There are very few brands in India which exclusively make sleepwear and lounge wear. And by sleepwear I do not mean those lacy night wears. Now not everyone wants it and most of the times, women are happier in tees and pajamas or shorts. The same goes for men too who barely find good options online. Surfing through the website, I saw some amazing designs of sleepwear which is made from fine cotton fabric for comfort during those beauty hours. 

But I feel in love with their loungewear. The tees for women are slightly long, till the hip which is a boon for curvy women like me. The length is also good if you want to wear it as Yoga wear or workout wear, or just want to lazy around at home. The fabric is very very soft and comfortable, which is good for all seasons. While in summers, it takes care of the sweat, in autumn it is perfect for those slightly chilly days. I chose a blue coloured tee for my look. 

Matching the tee is a lovely Nordlich Pajama from their loungewear collection. The blue pajama in red and white pinstripes design has an amazing fit. It is neither very loose nor very tight.... just the perfect fit to let to sit or stand comfortably. The design is really fashionable (I used to have a pair of trousers in the same print) and the fabric has the right amount of stiffness for that awesome fit. 

For a quick coffee, just tie your hair up, apply a bit of kajal and a neutral lip shade and you are done. And for a brunch date, leave the hair open with a dark lip and dark eyeliner to make the entire look a bit dressy. I have tried this outfit with both these combinations and it looks amazing every time. Check out the clicks to see yourself. 

For my footwear, it was my favourite pair of converse for coffee, and neutral colour bellies from Bata. Overall, I can say I love the collection from Nordlich and you must check it out. 

Outfit : Tee and Pajama by Nordlich.com 
Footwear : Canvas shoes by Converse and Bellies from Bata

Styling : Tarannum Manjul
Photography : Naeem Chishti
Location Courtsey : Buttercup Bunglow 

Do share your comments and views below. Your comments really make us feel so happy :-)  Also, if you are a blogger, leave your blog links and we will surely form a mutual connect. Stay blessed …


  1. Nice and different post tarranum. Keep up the good work gal😄

  2. Loved the way you carried ur pajamas....
    Simple yet different😉


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