Food that’s good on taste & good on pocket at Free Spirit Café

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By Tarry  

Heylo my lovelies,

How did the week start off for you guys? Well I know most will say either at bank queues or at ATMs, but I am sure deep inside a lot of you will certainly approve this demonetization step. Although it is yet to be seen as to how do the real black money hoarders like the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats actually are affected by this, yet I feel it is a good step.

Anyways, amongst all the chaos, here is a post I’m sure all of you would love. The regular #pals know about this series #BreakfastTrails which is being loved so much. And you also know how I am loving to write and review new places for all of you. So recently, I got a chance to visit and attend a blogger’s review at one of the newest eating joints in Lucknow. And I must say, I loved every bit of my visit. I not only got to meet my favourite #bloggergirls, but also explore a new place that has good food, good service and good ambience. Above all, it is really affordable and that’s what makes it a worth visit place.
So people (food lovers specially ;P),
Presenting my deets on

Food that’s good on taste & good on pocket at Free Spirit Café

Lucknow has really grown as a city and you find a number of new eating options now. Free Spirit opened up in October and since then has become one of the favourite hang out places for the youngsters and also, the young-at-heart. Techie turned restaurant owner Mohit Achyut Kunwar Singh talks really passionately about this place, where he has curated everything from cutlery to décor items to staff personally, with a lot of passion. In Mohit’s own words, “I have actually scouted the earth to get the best…”  Let me first talk about the ambience. The café is located in Gomti Nagar area barely a few metres ahead of Indira Gandhi Pratishthan. You can very easily find it on google maps.

Free Spirit Cafe is on the first floor and is quite a cosy, small café. The walls are adorned with a mix of vintage, punk & pop items including a wheel, old cassette player, guitar cutout, jeep front and assorted frames. The seating is also very comfortable wooden kinds. It’s also quite green with old tyres being used as pots. Full marks to the ambiance.

Those frames and the jeep grill screams punk

The tyres are actually cure planters

Now to the food. We got an array of items from their amazing menu (you can check the complete menu here) and I would talk about all the stuff I tasted. Free Spirit is really famous for its mocktails and I could resist starting with it. So leaving it all on their bartender, I tried the Bar Tenders Special. This is something which every time you go, you will find something different since it's all on the bar tender. A refreshing green mocktail, it has a nice citrusy taste that is awesome for summers... Bookmarking it for those hot, sultry days... 

Bar Tender's Special

Next up was ofcourse the food. I started off with Pasta, which is my ultimate favourite. The Pasta Penne Alfredo was simply yum. The sauce had a nice mix of flavours and herbs which were not overwhelming, yet were giving it quite a distinguished taste. Thumbs up for this one. 

Pasta Penne Alfredo

This was followed by the burgers. We had ordered two of them so I got a bite from both. The first one was the Grilled Chicken Burger. While the bun was soft and sauce nice, the chicken patty was really juicy and crisp, making this burger really delightful. Another must have for chicken lovers. 

Grilled Chicken Burger

The second burger was a Veg Double Decker Burger. Free Spirit menu says its those with a big mouth and believe me, you need a big mouth to have it. An awesomely sexy burger with oodles of cheese, veggies and thick patties, this one comes with a nice coleslaw dressing for accompaniment. It's quite curvy, but is cheesy enough to kill your curves ;-)

Double Decker Burger

If we were having so much food, how could we resist tasting the Pizza. It was Garden Fresh Pizza for us and GOD! this was really really cheesy. Although the veggies could have been a little crisper and the quantity a little more, yet the cheese and the flavours made up for it all. 

Garden Fresh Pizza 

I also got to try the Cheese Corn Sandwich. For the hardcore sandwich lovers, this would be an absolute delight as it is really tasty and the corn wasn't very hard to chew kinds. Could not take a photo as everyone finished the plate within a few minutes :-) 

Bournville Shake

Now all this food needs to be washed off with some beverages, right! While I am majorly a coffee person, I love shakes too. So I decided to try out the Bournville Shake. And man! I must say I made the best choice. Made from classic Bournville Chocolate, this was just perfect. The dark chocolate taste was intact with little sugar, seriously the way I love it. The topping of a little heart biscuit was adorable too, although it would have gone well without the green confetti as well. My absolute favourite indeed.... 

And here's the man himself. The owner Mohit Achyut Kunwar Singh. 

How can I end this post without letting you meet some of my babes? Here is a click of us together as we spent an awesome evening together. 

Divya, Anjali, Dolly, Me and Minni

If you are looking for a place that has a warm cosy ambiance, good food and quite economical too, Free Spirit cafe is your address. Spend some good time with friends or celebrate any occasion with your close people, this is perfect for all. Do check it out on FB and Instagram too. 


Ambiance : 5 
Food : 4.8 
Presentation : 4
Service : 4.9
Value for Money : 5. A meal for two can be less than INR 400 or less than $6 

Do share your comments and views below. Your comments really make us feel so happy :-)  Also, if you are a blogger, leave your blog links and we will surely form a mutual connect. Stay blessed …


  1. Very well written Tarry! 💕
    And all the food in the pictures look delicious! 😍
    Can't wait to try the food at this place!

    1. Thanks poorvi.. ya u shud try this place. Lets celebrate ur YouTube debut here soon...

  2. I loved this post ! 💟💟 Totally awesome

  3. It is so nicely presented di... Love the way u write. ... 😊

  4. It is so nicely presented di... Love the way u write. ... 😊

  5. Great write-up! Keep up the good work and thank you for such an encouraging review! :)

  6. Very well written and to much details of the cafe,
    all the food in the pictures look so delicious! ��
    Love the way u presented :)

  7. You have written it so well....


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