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Hola beauties...
Today's post is something which I have been showing off since the past week. It is about an experience which I will always love... 
and would like my girls to experience too. 

How many of you find buying lingerie off the stores tad difficult? Well I do not find it embarrassing since I always know what I am looking for, but at times yes even I do find it difficult. Because in most of the stores have male executives who are more versed with the stock than the females. If you ask for a size which is tad different from the usual ones, they would ogle your bust like you have something from the outer world. And while in bigger metros this issue may no longer exist, for women living in tier II cities, ogling store attendants, size and options in our perfect cup size are still major hazards. 

In my size, I always find a C cup better fitting than a B cup. However, I barely used to find awesome looking lingerie in a C cup.  Most of the times, I had to end up either buying a different cup or be satisfied with black or white colour. 

Enter Clovia.com. I had been seeing their adverts for quite some time and once, while surfing, I saw some amazing designs of lingerie in my size. I was initially skeptical about the fit but they have a size chart which is quite helpful. Also, if you call up their customer care, a friendly woman on the other side also guides you well. No embarrassing questions, no male SAs ogling at your bust.... WOW...  So I finally shopping with them.... and 

Presenting my deets on  

My Shopping experience with Clovia.com

Clovia is not a new entrant to the online lingerie market. This eCommerce site was earlier called Moods of Cloe. When you enter the site, the first thing that grabs your attention is the offers. Two premium bras for INR 999, 5 Panties for INR 599.... WOW... infact they regularly update these offers so you can get a good deal. I zeroed down the filter to my size and surprisingly, had such a huge collection in my desired C Cup. Finally, after spending nearly two hours (and 30 minutes with the customer care girl) I made my selection and ordered. The order reached me in 5 days which was good considering the festive season and the rush.

And here's my stuff... The order came well packed inside a pretty pink box which was quite sturdy. All the bras had been packed well with paper between the cups to ensure their shape does not spoil. 

And here is a closer look at what all I got. I got three premium padded and light push up bras. I got two printed ones for INR 999 as a part of the offer (One is priced at 1099 and other at 799). The fabric is super soft and does not bleed colour even after washing well. The third bra is in basic white for all those light coloured tops. The bras fit amazingly well and have absolutely no issues with fitting. 

I also ordered 5 panties which were on offer for INR 599. Each of them is priced either INR 299 or 399. I love the fact that all of these have nice, comfortable fabric with good lining. 

Apart from the lingerie essentials, I also ordered a shapewear. Now I am a curvy girl with a belly and I was looking for a comfortable shapewear. This waist shaping shapewear is not only well fitting, but is extremely comfortable too. I have earlier tried a shapewear garment where I used to feel as if someone is holding me tightly from the back :(. But this is is very comfortable and also invisible below all well fitting Indian or western outfits (Now you know my secret. : ) 

This is one experience which I totally loved. Clovia.com is a eCommerce site which not only offers all sizes in innerwear, but also has a huge variety to suit your taste. Also, the offers are really appealing and you get a good value for money. The fit and sizing is perfect and they have a friendly customer care too. So if you find shopping lingerie only still a difficult task, do checkout Clovia. I am sure you would love it. Just like I did :-)  

Do share your comments and views below. Your comments really make us feel so happy :-)  Also, if you are a blogger, leave your blog links and we will surely form a mutual connect. Stay blessed …


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