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Hello pretty people 
How are you all? And how is this demonetisation treating you all? I know everyone is affected and even though most of us are trying to go cashless, yet you cannot completely go without cash. But I know that this may be some hazards at the moment, the long term effects would be better. 

Anyways, coming to today's review. You know I love Aroma Essentials. I have reviewed so many products so far. And trust me, I like all of them. The likeness levels may be higher in case of some products, but it is there. This review is about one of their fabulous face washes. Face wash is something which is essential for us because afterall, a good face wash means a good skin and who doesn't want it. Now not talking much... 

Presenting my deets on  

Aroma Essentials Lemongrass Face Wash

INR 150 for 60 gms  

Online through their FB page Aroma Essentials

Essential oils of Lavender and Lemongrass in a sulfate, detergent and paraben free formulation. 

On the Outside
The Aroma Essentials Lemongrass face wash comes in a cute plastic bottle which is transparent. It has a flip open lid plastic bottle with a firm lid. The packaging has the signature Aroma Essentials label with all basic details on it. Even the label on the cap has all details. I would have loved some colourful labels but this is also fine. Overall it’s a nice and cute packaging and quite travel-friendly too.

On the Inside 
Aah! What should I say about this face wash. It smells so damn refreshing… the pure lemongrass fragrance which I so very love. The colour too is quite refreshing … fresh green colour. It is in a gel form which does not lather. But no lather doesn’t mean it doesn’t clean your skin. It leaves the skin clean with a nice feeling. I love washing my face with it after cleansing off all the makeup and it does leave the skin feeling nice and fresh.

I love almost everything I have tried from Aroma Essentials so far. And the Lemongrass Face Wash is not exception. It does make any high claims or do something amazing to your skin, but it is a mild gentle cleanser which does leave your skin quite clean. It is good if you are regular with your CTM routine then this is just the perfect option for you. After all, who needs to put loads of chemicals on their face. Loved it. 

PEL Rating 
I would love to rate it a 4.9 on 5. 

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  1. I do love lemon grass fragrance.. I feel like I need to try out this face wash.


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