Enjoy the season sipping the amazing taste of Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee

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By Tarry

Hola people

Even as I am writing this post, I am craving heavily for coffee. Although the coffeeholic me can savour this magical elixir all the year through, winters are a time when I badly crave for it. For me, nothings better than holding a cup full of coffee in my hands to warm me up from the outside, and as I sip it, from the inside…. Phew! Such is life dearies.
Anyways, today I am reviewing an amazing coffee blend, which has become a favourite for me off late. As you all know, I am on a constant search for amazing coffee blends and recently, came across this brand called ‘Beanstalk & Leaves’. Now I must say that the name was the first thing that impressed me. Since they were offering pure grounded coffee blends (not the instant coffee ones), I decided to try them out.
And having tasted their three different blends,
 I am ready to churn out my brew J

Presenting my deeds on the first blend,

The amazing taste of Beanstalk & Leaves Smooth Operator Coffee

What the brand claims 
A blend that instantly translates you into a smooth smokin killer type fellow which in turn makes you feel invincibly smooth
Contents: Coffee Powder & Chicory
Type: Brewing Coffee

INR 295 for 250 gms.

The coffee is available at their official website and also on Amazon.

On the Outside
The Smooth Operator blend comes in a deep coffee brown coloured zipper pouch. It has the logo printed, with a pasted blend name and details on the back. The powder is well grounded powder, which can be used in a coffee press machine or a filter coffee maker to make this coffee. The packaging is very basic, which looks fine. But I would have loved some more details like price and date of manufacturing etc on the back label.

On the Inside
This is a blend which is for people who want to move an inch above the instant coffees. The lightest blend amongst the lot, it has the right mix of coffee and chicory that makes it a really smooth blend. The light brew has a nice sweet aroma to it which is awesome. The blend tastes perfect to have with your breakfast or in the evenings when you just want a sip. Overall, I would call it an awesome blend. It is a favourite with my mom too, who likes this in cold way. 

The Beanstalk & Leaves Smooth Operator Coffee blend is perfect for those who want to up their game from the instant coffees. The blend is perfect and gives a light taste and aroma which is really tasty. Go for it if you feel you are too bored of the instant versions and want to really smell the coffee J

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