Give your skin some sinful cocoa love with Tatha Yummy Body Scrub

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Hello my lovelies.....
Aah! When will the weather finally get sorted? Its sultry one moment, raining the other. And although I love rains, this unpredictable weather creates a havoc with my sinusitis... Hence... this one is a big no-no for me. :-(

BTW, raise your hand if you are a die-hard cocoa and chocolate lover like me... I can even kill for chocolate. So anything that strongly smells cocoa or chocolate is like oxygen for me. And I am on a constant search for products with coffee and cocoa. Because, well, they are amazing for our skin and for our senses too. So recently, I chanced upon this brand called the Vedic Collection who offer some amazing skin and hair care products. While searching their product line, I saw this amazing body scrub that has the magic ingredient - cocoa...
So your's truly had to try it out.... hai na... 

Presenting my deets on  

Tatha Yummy Body Scrub 

INR 1795 for 300 gm (surely not a budget product, but worth it) 

It is available on the Vedic Collection's official website.

You can also check their website for offline stores.

What the brand claims 

The outermost layer of skin, the epidermis, accumulates dead skin cells that need to be removed. Normal bathing does not provide the exfoliation that is needed for the healthiest skin. Regular exfoliation with a body scrub will remove the dead outer layer of the skin and reveal a younger, smoother, soft, healthier layer of skin. The antioxidants in cocoa help to prevent the signs of aging skin. It also acts as a natural aphrodisiac. The sugar exfoliates the skin as the cocoa nourishes it and makes one feel good.  This is a perfectly pampering body scrub that you can try over the weekend!
So pure that it’s good enough to eat.
 Ingredients- Vanilla planifolia, Olea europaea, brown sugar, cocoa powder.

On the Outside
OMG! I am really mesmerized by the packaging. The beautiful glass jar with a cork, yes, a cork cap. This is housed in a cardboard box. Both the box and the jar have all the details on a simple label. The packaging may not be travel friendly, but looks really classy and gorgeous, wherever you keep it. It gives a kind of exotic look to the product, which really suits it. Full marks to the Vedic Collection Team for such fabulous packaging. If I'm able to make the packaging stay safe till this scrub comes to an end, I will surely use it for a D-I-Y. :-) 

On the Inside 
A double OMG here... Should I say I am in absolute love with this scrub? The moment you open the cork lid, you get a strong fragrance of cocoa and chocolate, with a slight whiff of Vanilla too. Heaven!! The scrub is quite gritty, since it is sugar based and hence, it has been advised not to use it on face. It works amazingly well in removing dead skin from the body, specially knees and elbows . It leaves the skin awesomely smooth and hydrated, so if you don't have extremely dry skin, you can easily skip the moisturiser. The fragrance stays for a decent time, so you can enjoy feeling sinfully sexy ;-) 

The Tatha Body Scrub Yummy is indeed an amazing product, which not only looks and smells good, but even works extremely awesome on your skin. The packaging may not be travel friendly, yet the product is worth every penny. This is one product which should be there for your spa-at-home sessions, because it leaves your skin super smooth and kissably soft...... A must must must buy if you love cocoa and its effects on your skin.  

PEL Rating 
I would love to rate it a 4.99 on 5.  

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