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By Tarry

"  GODDESS -  noun  : 
1. A beautiful, classy, powerful woman 
with the ability to attract beauty into all areas of her life.... "

Hello my lovelies,
Starting off today, we are doing some nice festive posts for the forthcoming festive season. With Navratras, Diwali and the wedding season just round the corner, its just the right time for me to explore my festive side.... both in my styling sense and my life :-) 

The navratras are barely a week away. And the air already feels so festive. It's like the season is just turning perfect to enjoy the fervour. Jagratas, Mata ki Chowkis, Durga Puja, pandal hopping.... wo! I just can't wait for this season to start off :-) 

For me, I like to go all ethnic during Navratras, even in work wear attire. And what can be better than wearing a saree to work during the festival season. Now, not all of us can take breaks from work during this season, but adding a little ethnic touch to our styling can make us feel like an integral part of the mood. So while I was planning my latest OOTD, I decided to theme it around Navratras. And since the saree I had chosen too matched the mood, everything just fell in place....  

So presenting to you all, the new OOTD  

Channelising the Inner Goddess 

ft. Brijraj.com


You all remember my shopping experience with Brijraj.com, an ethnic wear e-commerce site? Well you can read about it here. I shopped two Bhagalpuri silk sarees from them. And I must say I am pretty impressed by the variety and the quality of the sarees available with them. One of those I gifted to my mom, and the other, I got for myself. I also got the blouse stitched from the website itself since they offer this facility. And it fitted me to the tee. 

I should really say that I am totally happy with my purchase. The saree is a beautiful Bhagalpuri silk saree in deep crimson, with a teal, black and white border and palla. While the lower part of the border has an aztec print, the upper part has faces which makes it so damn appealing. 

I feel that such an outfit is just perfect for workwear, when you want to go festive and ethnic. Workwear calls for no-bling or barely bling attire and this saree seems perfect. The fabric is good enough not to crease easily and the colours will suit women of all complexions and body shapes. It has the right amount of festivity with just the elegance one needs. 

Check out the clicks now :-) 

We chose to shoot this attire at a very heritage location of the city of Lucknow. And alongwith our friend and partner in crime for the Lost Heritage series, Ajay Jain of Waltz India, early in the morning we headed to the Sheesh Mahal Talaab at Hussainabad heritage zone in the Old city. 

Facing the beautiful picture gallery, the Sheesh Mahal talaab is a beautiful pond that reflects the golden nawabi era. It was made around 1839 by Nawab Mohammad Ali Shah, the third nawab of Oudh, a year after the construction of the picture gallery. Created in a step well style, this pond worked well as a water reservoir for the entire area. Sources reveal that a small mosque and a hamam (small bath) area were also constructed on the corners of the pond. Made in red stone, it matched the picture gallery perfectly. After years of neglect, with the efforts of some eminent people and heritage lovers of the city, the pond has been finally restored to its glory. With the Clock Tower, the Picture Gallery and the Satkhanda on its different sides, it is interesting to see their reflections in the pond through different angles. 

Here are some clicks of the pond by bestie and 
my photographer friend, Naeem Chishti. 

We met Nawab Jafar Mir Abdullah sahab, descendant of the Royal family of Nawabs, and Syed Masoom Raza, another member of the royalty. Nawab sahab, hailing from the royal family himself, is an institution when it comes to talking about royal legacy. He not only shared some interesting tales about the Nawabs, but also about the pond. Syed Masoom Raza too has been working a lot towards conservation of Lucknow's heritage and has tried to save the lost legacy through his efforts. Their homes are a fine example of the nawabi lifestyle and anyone coming to Lucknow and wanting to know about its heritage and culture should meet him.  

Nawab Jafar Mir Abdullah 

Nawab Jafar Mir Abdullah. His face and his persona exudes royalty. 

Inside the Picture Gallery area, (L to R) - Ajay Jain, Nawab sahab, me and Syed Masoom Raza sahab. It was amazing meeting them and talking about the old city. 

Nawab Jafar Mir Abdullah sahab and Syed Masoom Raza Sahab with Naeem and Ajay. 

Photography : Naeem Chishti 
Concept & Styling : Tarannum Manjul 
Location : Sheesh Mahal Talaab, Hussainabad
Jhumkas : deepika designs

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  1. Beautifully written tarranum!!

  2. Beautifully written tarranum!!

  3. Gorgeous saree, gorgeous you and gorgeous location! :)

    - Deepika (The Brown Muses)


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