Enjoy a bubblegummy bath, sans sulfates with Aaranya sulfate free body wash in Cranberry

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Am sure all of you are aware of my search for sulfate and paraben free products? And the moment I find any, I grab them, test them and put them here for all my lovely pel pals. So after shampoos (lot lore coming in these lines too), I started searching for sulfate free body washes too. Well yes, if the sulfates can harm our scalp, then there can be some issues for the skin too. And after lot of searching, I came back to a brand I have been loving off late.... Aaranya. The brand offers not one, but three different variants of body washes to choose from. 

Presenting my deets on  

Aaranya Sulfate-free Body wash Cranberry


INR 299 

It is available easily on Flipkart  

What the brand claims 

Now say good bye to itchiness and dryness of skin.This unique sulphate free body wash,rich in essential oils and nutrients,cleanse body & removes all the dirts and bacteria effectively.It leaves skin soft,moisturised and smooth all day long.The goodness of essential oils protects your skin from dryness and with no sulphate content in this, your daily bath becomes a soul refreshing experience.

On the Outside
The Aaranya Sulfate Free Body wash Cranberry comes in a long bottle, similar to all packaging of Aaranya products. The cap is flip open and the bottle is transparent. You can see the lovely red body wash inside which looks so appealing. The labels give all details which is really good. The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly as well. Overall, functional and good. 

On the Inside 
This is such an awesome body wash. The moment you open the cap and sniff it, you are reminded of those squeeshy chewing gums which have a filled centre. Seriously, this smell is so damn bubblegummy :-) And this fragrance stays for sometime even after your bath. The body wash is sulfate free, but a small amount also lathers pretty well and leaves your skin feeling refreshed. For those with normal skin, you may skip moisturizer in this season. But those with dry skin may need a lotion. And even in winter months, this will not be enough. However, it is indeed a good body wash and smells awesome too, all without sulfates. 

The Aaranya Sulfate-free body wash Cranberry is a good body wash if you are looking for something that is lightly moisturizing and smells amazing, without sulfates. It smells like bubblegum and the fragrance lingers on for a decent time. Overall, I will say do try this body wash for an awesome experience for sure... Thumbs up. 

PEL Rating 
I would love to rate it a 4.99 on 5.  

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