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Hi lovelies .... 
The festive mood is in the air. After Ganesh Chaturthi and Eid, the Navratri is just round the corner. Infact, I can actually smell the festive feel in the air. Mornings are a bit cooler now and the air feels dry, doesn't it? 

Anways, so you all know my likeness for online shopping. After all, we can shop for some amazing stuff, sitting in our homes, delivered to our doorstep... all this sounds so convenient. And we can buy stuff more than just clothes or personal care.... it will be a big WOW. So recently, your's truly came across this website called Now the name was enticing enough... And the journalist still alive inside me asked me to do some research. With the tagline 'curated with love', the site looked quite promising. And what they were offering was really unique. From handmade soaps, to handmade chocolates, planters, home decor items, handpainted wall clocks, jams, sauces, fragrance sticks to a lot more, Qtrove offers all. It was interesting to choose some stuff for my first shopping with this new kid on the block. And now, after enjoying my shopping, here's what I have to say about them. 

Presenting my deets on  

Find some amazing stuff at review / indian lifestyle blog

About the website 

This is what Qtrove says ; "At Qtrove, we believe that you are unique and so should be the products you buy. The experience of shopping and selling should be delightful and joyous and our aim is to release you from the tyranny of choice. We have decided to handpick only the best/unique products from the choicest of vendors from across the world for a curated and personalised experience."

Wow, that sounds appealing. And the brands also look quite promising. Here are a few names - Mai Haramaki, Una, Areev, Rustic Art Organic, Do Bandar, Lluvia Bakery, Sand for Soapaholics, Martha's Preserves... Phew... so far you could grab your hands on such stuff only in metro cities. But now, thanks to Qtrove, even people in non-metros can try such stuff. I was quite amazed at the variety and hence, decided to shop stuff which was a variety too. 

Silk Premium Incense Sticks  / indian lifestyle blog

What I shopped 
The collection is really really appealing. From personal care to home decor to edibles, you have almost everything at Qtrove. So making a choice was tad difficult. However, I did manage to choose some stuff.... 

And this is what I got. 

Silk Premium Incense Sticks : Now this is something I always buy offline. After all, one needs to be sure about the fragrance. But with the Ganpati festival just round the corner, I thought of picking these up. They are a value for money and the fragrance.... All through the Ganpati celebrations, my house was really fragrant with these incense sticks and lot of people actually asked me where I got them from.... 
Surely repurchasing. 

Areev Cocoa Cream Shampoo / indian lifestyle blog

Areev Cocoa Cream Shampoo : Never heard of this brand but decided to try it out since it says it is Paraben free and even sulfate free. The 75 ml bottle costs INR 255 which is a little expensive though. However, this smells like cocoa or chocolate and the smells lingers for a really long time.... If you would like a review, do comment below. 

Areev Cocoa Cream Shampoo / indian lifestyle blog

Mai Haramaki Belly Belt : A new concept in India, Haramaki is actually a japanese apparel that can be worn inside or outside your attire. It is said to keep your belly warm and also, help in menstrual cramps. The designs looks awesome.... and i have some interesting ways to wear it.... Tell me if you want a small look book ;-)

PEL SHOUT OUT is not just an e-commerce site, but also a concept. With a variety of stuff available, you should definitely check it out. After all, we all love handmade stuff, whether it is edibles or personal care. Do check out if you love handmade stuff or stuff made with love.... 

Do share your comments and views below. Your comments really make us feel so happy :-)  Also, if you are a blogger, leave your blog links and we will surely form a mutual connect. Stay blessed …


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