Add a lot more charm to your life with Pink Hippo Store's 'Charm Box'

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Hello pretty people ... 

Ummmm..... i think I have a writers block at the moment.... Thoughts just elude me at the moment. But then, as I started writing this piece, I felt some kind of an inspiration coming in. Maybe, it was the charm of the product I am reviewing today.... :-) 

Some of you are aware that I am facing a bit tough time at the moment and seriously I need all the luck I can. Recently, I got a  chance to connect to this awesome online jewelry and accessories store called the Pink Hippo Store. They offered to send me their charm box, which contains assorted charms that you can use. As a teenager, I was always fascinated with charms and during my college, almost everything I carried had a charm. So when I got a chance to enjoy some charms again, I thought 'Why not'.... :-) 

Will talk about what the Charm Club Box is later in this post... A week back I received my 'Try-and-Buy' charm box and I was totally amazed with the contents. Somehow, someone up there heard me.... because the box contained loads of good luck charms. Just what I needed... 

Presenting my deets on  

Pink Hippo Store's 'Charm Box'

INR 399 onwards ... They have different boxes to fit your budget and mood. 

Online through their website and also their instagram page. 

On the Outside
The Charm Box from Pink Hippo Store is a simple hard paper box. It comes wrapped in colourful kite paper and pink bubble wrap. Inside, the box is lovely and sturdy. The box contains 6 charms in metal, in silver and gold colours. Apart from the charms, you also get cards giving details of the products and the charms. Each charm is beautifully packed individually, which keeps them safe. Love the packing.  
On the Inside 
I was sent the July charm box, which had good luck charms. Each month, there is a theme where you get an assortment of charms. You can view the details of the monthly charm box on their website. Apart from the charm box, you can also select individual pieces and buy them. These charms can be used awesomely in pendants, mobile strings, neckpieces, bracelets and key chains. Will be sharing some D-i-Ys on my instagram soon. Do follow me there. And here is a look at the charms I got.... 

The wishing lamp : Oh I felt like Aladdin here. This is super cute silver charm. Wish the genie would have come when I rubbed it ;-) 

The Horse Shoe : We all know that the horse shoe is considered to bring in luck. This has some lovely stones in it and looks very cool. 

The money bag : Oh I need this... a lovely golden charm that looks so damn awesome. It has small engravings which look so classy. 

The elephant : Another good luck symbol. Elephants are said to bring prosperity. This golden charm looks super cute and has awesome finish. 

The four petal flower : A good luck symbol, this one is in silver and has gorgeous finish. It looks very elegant and can be worn in itself as a pendant. 

The copper rose : My favourite from the lot. A very finely crafted piece, it looks beautiful and delicate. Want to do so many things with this one.... 

The Charm Box from the Pink Hippo Store is really an innovative idea. It has such awesome charms which you can use anywhere. And for the price, the quality of the products is really amazing. The whole new concept of a charm box certainly makes pink hippo stand apart from other subscription boxes. If you want to add a bit more jazz to your life without going overboard, check them out for sure. Highly recommended. 


Do share your comments and views below. Your comments really make us feel so happy :-)  Also, if you are a blogger, leave your blog links and we will surely form a mutual connect. Stay blessed …


  1. Loved the flatlays 😘 will surely surely check the website out

  2. Loved the flatlays 😘 will surely surely check the website out


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