Some Food, some Love & nostalgia with Cappuccino Blast

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By Tarry

Hello gorgeous people, 

After feeling dull and drab, I am finally feeling a little up today. It's my bestie's birthday and also, birthday of some of my most precious people. And it's also weekend... Plus i see some awesome clouds and perhaps, it's gonna rain.... :-) 

Being a gemini, I am someone who never lets go of memories, be it good or bad. Sometimes, life takes me back in time and brings that little smile on my face on those days which are oh-so-drab, just reminding me that #Iwasborntosmile.  So recently when I got a chance to attend a food tasting session at one of the most happening joints in the city, it was like a walk back in time for me. Cappuccino Blast at Mall Avenue is one of the most happening food destinations in the city of Lucknow and for me, it is really nostalgic when I talk of it. 

Years ago, as a young journalist, I had visited this happening place on the day of its inauguration and today, when I see it growing into one of the most favoured hubs of the city, my heart swells with pride. 

I remember 16 years ago, young entrepreneur Puja Vaid was not only excited, but even nervous when I was there for inauguration. She was herself running around ensuring everything was perfect. The city was still opening up to the idea of joints for youngsters, which served great food on its platter. And Cappuccino Blast, situated in city's politically significant address Mall Avenue, was waiting to open its wings. 

Now in 2016, I met Puja's younger sister Aarti Vaid. She not only matches her sister in looks, but also in the enthusiasm when it comes to handling the affairs at Cappuccino Blast. An amazing baker herself, she dishes out some yummies which are worth a visit. 

Btw, I am sure you would remind me now that this was supposed to be a food tasting session, eh! So yes, before I start drooling remembering the awesomely yummilicious food I had, lemme share some stuff and photos with you. 

So people, stay tuned as you read on 

Some Food, some Love & nostalgia 
ft. Cappuccino Blast 

 The post is filled with photos. Not just of the great food we were offered (some 25 odd dishes including desserts and drinks) but also some lovely bloggers whom I met. The food is a served not just in their open air cafe, but also a fine dine restaurant 'Ultra Violet' for those who love the cosy, old world environs to couple their food. 

Here is a look at the stuff we tasted... and trust me guys, keep a tissue handy because I bet you would drool... 

The food (includes starters and main course) which I tried & recommend : 

Chinese Bhel 
Italian Pasta Salad
Chicken Satay (super Yum!!!) 
Crispy Honey Chilli Potato (I had to check this, it has my name ;-) 
Barbeque Chicken (cooked to super perfection)
Lasagna Napolitana 
Garden Surprise Sizzler 
Cheese Fondue (Calorie increase machine, seriously.....)
Khow Suey (A Burmese delight which was oh-so-awesome)
Grilled Chicken Steak 
Spaghetti Bolognese (My mouth is still watering....)
Original Falafel
Penne Alfredo Veg 

Check the pix : 

I washed it all down with a mason jar full of Irish Coffee... Being a coffee lover, I always want my coffee to be perfect... not an ounce less and not an oodle more. And going by my love, this indeed is my elixir. It is by far the best Irish Coffee I have tasted in India.... This is closest to the one served at Glenary's in Darjeeling....  

By this time, most of us were almost full and really bursting at our seams :-) 
But we couldn't have missed the desserts, created by Aarti herself at the cafe's bakery hangout, Buttercup Bunglow. If you love the Red Velvet Cake from Elma's in Delhi, and if you happen to be in Lucknow, this is the place to be. The Red velvet cake was simply perfect. But my heart was sinfully stolen by the Chocolate Fondue which I did not want to stop eating... Check the clicks here.... 

The chocolate fondue.... trust me! it is worth every dip... 

And here are some more clicks.... memories, filled with oodles of love and fun for sure.... There were loads of clicks, but only sharing a few here...  

With Shubhi Garg, awesome blogger at PickeratPace, who coordinated the meet ... Kudos to you love.... <3 <3

With Aarti Vaid, owner of Cappuccino Blast and Buttercup Bunglow. This girl deserves a salute.... 

Me enjoying my Irish Coffee... God! I can kill for this ;-) 
The cupcake girls (L to R) Saakshee Khosla of TheStyleVeda, Shivangi Gautam of Shindsancrown & Shishta Maurya of Vineyard Passage

With lovely blogger Rashmi Saini of The Swanky State. She is a real gem.... 
The gang.... (L to R) Rashmi, Saakshee, Shishta, Pari, Me, Shivangi and Divya (Fashion Chauvinism) 

If you are in Lucknow and looking for a place that offers great food, coupled with great ambiance, great service and loads of memories to remember for a lifetime, Cappuccino Blast is the place to be. You can check out more at their Face Book page here, their official website here or even check reviews on Zomato & Tripadvisor

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