Why I was missing & review of an awesome hair mask from Loreal

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By Tarry

Hi my beautiful people….
Hope you were all missing me... 
Well as a matter of fact, I was.... It's been over a week since I posted anything on the blog. Infact, I was almost missing from all my social media as well. Actually, I had met with a small accident which kept me immobile for some time. I have some minor tissue and ligament injuries in the leg which are taking there own sweet time to
 heal :-(  And in the midst of it all came my birthday. Could not celebrate much but still had a great time with my family and my best friend.... :-) 

Anyways, back to business now. In the midst of this all, we did manage to shoot a style collab (which would come up real soon) and I have been trying out some awesome new products which are majorly natural ones. But before all this bombardment happens, here's a review of a hair mask which is a good one indeed for those with dry or curly hair. 

Presenting for you all 

Matrix Biolage Oiltherapie Hair Mask 

INR 470 for 490 gms 

It is very easily available online on Purplle.com and you can also find it on counters selling Loreal Matrix Biolage products. 

On the Outside
The Matrix Biolage Oiltherapie' Hair mask comes in the standard Matrix biolage tubs, which is white in colour and totally opaque. It is study but bulky for travelling purposes. Like different variants, this one is separate with the colour of the cap. Since this one claims to be filled with goodness of olive oil, the cap is deep sunset golden colour with matching highlighted text. All the details are given on the pack. One needs to use a spoon or spatula to get the product out to maintain hygiene. 

On the Inside 
This is a lovely hair mask not just to smell and use, but also see. The hair mask (check the photo below) looks like butter. In fact, it literally melts between your fingers..... It is off a deep ochre colour. Once you take it in your palms and rub with your fingers, it becomes easy to apply. The mask doesn't smell like olive oil at all, but has a nice floral kind of a smell that does linger on for some time even after washing. The mask does leave the hair feeling super soft and smooth and also controls the frizz for a good effect. It's a boon for those with dry hair and even for those with curly hair, as I have noticed that it makes the curls look beautiful. Overall, a value for money kind of a hair mask. 

I would say that the Matrix Biolage Oiltherapie Ultra Nourishing Oil Masque is indeed a wonderful product for those with dry hair or curly hair. The tub packaging may be a bummer for some, but it is a value for money kind of a product. It leaves the hair smooth and smelling lovely. Those with sensitive nose may not like the smell though, yet this is a product worth trying. 

PEL Rating 
4.9 on 5.  

Do share your comments and views below. Your comments really make us feel so happy :-)  Also, if you are a blogger, leave your blog links and we will surely form a mutual connect. Stay blessed …


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