Scrub impurities off your face, the natural way with Aroma Essentials Manjishtha scrub

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Hello gorgeous people…

So is monsoons already there in your areas? Well here, it did start off with a wonderful shower but since then, it hasn't made an appearance and damn! it is so so so humid and hot. :-(

Anyways, I am sure by now all of us must be picking up stuff for skin and hair care for monsoons. And one of the biggest skin issues in monsoons is clogged pores and dead skin, leading to dull skin, acne and a lot more. Scrubs are always a best bet and I am always looking for something that's au' naturale'. Recently, I checked out an online store called Aroma Essentials. They are into handmade natural products for skin and hair care, sans chemicals and preservatives. And I got a chance to try some of their amazing products. 

Presenting my deets on  

Aroma Essentials Manjishtha Face Scrub

INR 360  (It is slightly expensive but worth every penny)

Online through their FB page Aroma Essentials

On the Outside
The Aroma Essentials Manjishtha Face Scrub comes in a round translucent jar with a golden yellow screw cap. It has a simple purple label that gives all the basic details on it. However, one does miss details like how to use, but the brand makes up by sending a detailed brochure with your package. The jar closes tightly to ensure that there is no spilling of powder products at all.
 Overall, a functional packaging. 

On the Inside 
The amazing product definitely makes up for the simple packaging. Sample the ingredients in this scrub - Manjishtha powder, Red sandalwood powder, oats, wheat flour, green gram flour and rice bran oil. Each and every ingredient does wonders for your skin. They not only remove dead skin cells, but also improve skin tone and remove pigmentation over a long run. The scrub is a deep rust red powder, that is filled upto the jar. It has a strong smell of manjistha and red sandalwood, which is a bit soothing. It is a gritty powder, which when mixed with water makes a nice scrub. I apply it to my face, massage a bit, keep it for 10 minutes, massage well again and scrub it off. I can see and feel a visible difference and the fragrance really calms me down after a tiring day. 

I think I have found my Holy Grail Face Scrub. I always prefer to use natural stuff and Aroma Essentials Manjishtha Face Scrub fits my bill. It not only scrubs off the dead skin cells, but leaves my skin super smooth to touch. I can see my pores really cleaned up and my skin glowing. I have been using it over last few weeks and I see a reduction in my pigmentation and my skin looking more even toned too. It may be a little expensive but it has all the goodness sans any chemicals. So people, if you want to go scrub scrub the natural way, you know where to go  :-)

PEL Rating 
I can easily rate it a 4.9 on 5.  

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