Looking for decent herbal shampoo... Iraya Castor Oil Shampoo may fit your bet

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By Tarry                                                                                
Hello my gorgeous people.... 
Is the sun killing you guys? Well it surely is.... and although the weathermen have predicted a good monsoon this year, Mr Sun has already decided to work overtime to kill us little earthlings...

As most of you know, I have thick wavy hair which I love to colour often. And hence hair care is one of the most important things for me. I keep trying new shampoos to see what will best suit my hair type. And in this quest, I chanced upon a shampoo from Iraya. Now Iraya is a brand which I generally have a love hate relationship with. So when I picked up this shampoo, I did not have very very high expectations from it. But read on how it came out for me.... 

So ladies, presenting my deets on 

Iraya Castor Oil Shampoo for dull hair 

 What the brand claims
With castor oil and extracts of shikakai, coconut, rosemary, lime and mandarin oil this extra protein shampoo cleanses the hair, without striping it of the essential moisture. Regular use provides hair with essential nourishment, improves hair texture and makes it more healthy and manageable.

INR 345 for 150 ml 

Many ecommerce websites like Jabong and even Iraya's official page

On the Outside
The Iraya Castor Oil Shampoo has a bottle that is typical of the brand. Squarish, with a pump cap in white colour. The bottle has a simple label on three sides and window displaying the product on one side. All details including the product are mentioned on the label and it is here you find that it contains SLS. So certainly this is not a sulphate free product. Overall, decent packaging. 

On the Inside 
I am so sorry I could not include a swatch pic as I lost it from my data. The shampoo is pearly white in colour and of a runny consistency. Its smells very strongly of lavender oil which signifies the presence of this multi use essential oil. It decently lathers but if you have oiled your hair, you would need to use it twice. Although it has castor oil which is known for its moisturising properties, it leaves my hair dry, specially the ends. The hair does feel clean and smells nice, but the dryness surely needs a good enough conditioner or hair mask to counter it. Also, I don't see any shine as such. I may suggest this one for those with oily hair, but certainly for beauties with normal to dry hair and scalp. 

A decent product from an Indian Brand. 
Smells amazing and fragrance does not irritate. 
 Contains castor oil 
- A bit affordable 

- Does not add any shine to the hair, unlike the claims being made. 
- Leaves the hair, specially the ends very dry. 
- A large quantity is needed everytime so cannot call the product economical. 

The Iraya Castor Oil Shampoo comes from a brand that has been known for its products but somehow, this one fails to impress me. It may suit people with oily hair or oily scalp as it actually removes the moisture and oil from the hair and leaves the ends dry. Not for dry hair or normal hair for sure. An OK product. 

Have you tried Iraya Shampoos ? 

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