Keep mosquitoes away this summer, with Ida Naturals chemical-free Bug Me Not repellent...

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Hi my beautiful ladies…
Am so sorry for such long delays in the posts. Actually, the entire team is busy with something or the other.... But no worries, I promise to be more regular now and stay tuned, coz you would see a lot of summer special posts up on #PEL. 

As you all may know, I am trying out some amazing handcrafted stuff from Ida Naturals by the gorgeous Priya Iyer. Their handmade soaps and shampoo bars are something which I think would soon become a staple for me. But there is one more item which I think I am completely hooked onto. Especially for the summers and the monsoons. It is something which is safe for everyone in the family, specially infants. And who would not like chemical-free natural options for our little ones? After all, we would all like to keep them away from the harsh chemicals as much as possible, right... And if one talks about mosquito repellents, we all know that they are filled with chemicals and although they are most essential for kids, we shy away at times due to the chemical content in them. But not anymore... read on to know why.... 

Presenting my deets on  

Ida Naturals Bug Me Not Insect Repellent 

INR 150 onwards for different sizes from 10 gms to 70 gms 
(its handmade and free of toxic chemicals)
So far, Ida Naturals retails only to Facebook but that's what keeps the personalisation intact. You can check their page here

On the Outside
Ida Naturals products are available in a basic plastic packaging with a screw cap. It is a very basic packaging but very very travel friendly. The label has details like product name and ingredients, but misses out on price and usage details. Wish these were added too.... But I will not consider this to be a con. Overall, nice basic packaging. 

On the Inside 
Now this is where the magic begins.... The repellent is like a pale yellow cream, which has a good oily base. It smells strongly of essential oils, specially lavender and citronella, but doesn't create any issues with this smell. On taking it out with fingers, it melts and can be easily applied all over the body including face. The greasiness goes away after a while and the skin feels moisturised. I have been using it for myself and also, my three year old niece as no insect repellent suits her. And I must say, I am truly impressed by Priya's offering. The repellent does not irritate her delicate skin, and keeps insects away for a decent time. She loves it so much that everytime she is going out of the house, she insists that this 'machchhar lotion' should be applied on her. This is surely a must have product from Ida Naturals. 

The IDA Naturals Bug Me Not Insect Repellent  is a natural alternative for all chemical laden repellents available in the market. Not only it keeps insects and mosquitoes away, it also makes your skin smooth. And what more, it is safe even for your little ones. Do try it. 

Have you tried Ida naturals products ? 
Which is your favourite brand of handmade soaps? 

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