#Summerspecial 1 - Gear up for summers

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Hello my gorgeous people.... 
Summer is here.... finally... The scorching heat, bad bad sun.... phew... 

While we would prefer staying indoors during the day when summers hits us, most of us working girls do not have any option but to move out. And the sun is not forgiving at all for those beauties who manage to brave it. 

Beginning with our summer special series, we at PEL will be sharing with you some essentials that will help you sail through these hot summers with a lovely smile on your face. From skin care, to makeup, to hair care, to fashion and after sun D-I-Ys, we will have it all.... With some experts and a surprise in the mid of the series... So stay tuned for the entire series.... 

Here's the first part of the #SummerSpecial


Skin care : Sunscreen 
Summers means sweating, tanning, sun burns and what not. And no one, be it a fair skinned girl or a dusky beauty, can think of living summers without sunscreen. Stock up your vanity, your handbag and infact any bag with a bottle or tube of sunscreen. Try using a non-tinted varient as tinted ones tend to leave a whitish kind of cast on your face. Cover every inch of exposed skin with oodles of sunscreen. 

PEL Reco : 

Lotus Herbals has an amazing range of sunscreens from SPF 20 to SPF 100. Take your pick. And their gel sunscreen with SPF 50 and Matte Look with SPF 40 are a boon for oily skin beauties... 

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Apart from Lotus, one can also checkout Neutrogena. The brand offers some amazing suncreens which form a good makeup base too. 

Fashion - Cotton and Khadi
Summers always call for flowy, airy fabrics that allow the air and keep us cool. And cotton and the very Indian fabric khadi are indeed the best choice for summers. With most of the brands offering amazing stuff in both Indian and western wear, finding something that truly defines you is quite easy. Teaming kurtas and kurtis with Palazzos and long skirts are indeed a fashion statement. And so are khadi kurtas with trousers. 

PEL Reco: 
Fashion at Big Bazaar FBB has a new spring summer range which is amazing and also, not very expensive. Also, they have drastically improved in terms of cuts and sizes. Do check them out. 

If you feel deeply inspired and patriotic to wear khadi, FabIndia is just the place for you. Check out their palazzos, skirts (I vouch for them), kurtas and also, trousers. Their sizes are great and now, you can shop them online too... 

That's all for part 1. Stay tuned for part 2 that brings another skin care essential and fashion essential for summers. We promise that PEL will make your summers really happy and fashionably nice.... 

Do share your comments and views below. Your comments really make us feel so happy :-)  Also, if you are a blogger, leave your blog links and we will surely form a mutual connect. Stay blessed …


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