#OWomaniya .... This woman makes your life go quirky with her 'Big Bag Theory'

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By Tarry

Hi my lovelies….

I have been missing off the blog and also, social media for the past two weeks and some of you did notice this and messaged me.  My mom wasn’t well and I was busy taking care of her. For me, my mother’s health is really important and life had gone totally haywire these two weeks.
But now I am back… and what could be better to be back than coming back with my favourite column on the blog, O Womaniya. And this time, the O Womaniya was real fun. It features a young woman who is making your everyday life a little quirky with her ‘ideaotic things’. Not only her products are quirky, but so are her answers as well.

Meghana Ogale
and her fabulous quirky brand,

The Big Bag Theory

best website to buy quirky products in India/Indian Lifestyle Blog

Tell us a bit about yourself ...
“I would like to think of myself as a high-on-life Designer gone rogue! J And a big proponent of Oscar Wilde’s ‘Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Meghana Ogale, The Big Bag Theory/ Indian Lifestyle Blog   

How did 'The Big Bag Theory' happen? And how did the name come in? It really sounds quite quirky...
After a lot of years of working as an enthusiastic advertising professional on a lot of brands, I finally decided to create one that represented me. And Like most good things in the universe, it all started with a bang!
Since then ‘The Big Bag Theory’ has already won over a following of thousands of ideaots across India and the world. Naturally then, scientists are spending many sleepless nights trying to decipher the true essence of this Theory
J And of course we love Sheldon. His quirks inspire us and are unparalleled in this as well other multiuniverses!

Driven with the concept and philosophy of presenting some quirky stuff to colour up your life, what does TBBT offer? How are the products created?
There’s a certain youthful honesty and quest for fun that my brand expresses. It’s FUNctional with a big accent on the first three words, FUN!  We’ve discovered that the world doesn’t need a Superhero to rescue the world. It just needs a Super bag, a coaster, a magnet, an apron or a lamp. Presenting ‘The Big Bag Theory’. Here to annihilate the boring and the ordinary, powered by its team of ‘Ideaotic Items’. The brand is about a person’s favourite indulgences in life. Great food shared with awesome friends, some fine wine or single malt and loud music. Bring them together and it’s a party! Our ‘Ideaotic items’ feature bright colourful totes with loads of attitude, stylish satchels, funky laptop bags, edgy clutches, kitschy coasters, fridge magnets, quirky wine bottle lamps, trippy hip flasks, naughty kitchen aprons and clocks that always display ‘happy hours’. Coming soon are freaky fashion accessories, more style, more quirk and a lot more high.”

How has been your journey so far?
“It’s been quite the eye opener. Staying true to our name, we discover something new everyday and that’s truly what keeps us going. Interacting with the consumer on a daily basis gives us insights that no amount of studying or reading up gives. We learn from our missteps and revel in our accomplishments. To make money while having fun and doing something we love makes it even better… J

What has been the happiest and most memorable moment in your journey so far?
“I think the first bag I sold was and will always remain my happiest and most memorable moment. It was a surreal feeling and I am still getting used to it.”

Did you ever face any challenges in this journey? How did you manage to overcome them?
“There is no alternative to hard work and perseverance. But no one can survive without fun. So our first and foremost rule is to enjoy ourselves. If we don’t have fun then we just can’t create good work. So when things go sideways we put on our dancing shoes and our thinking cap and waltz away our problems. J

What are your future plans for your venture of passion ?
“The future is full of novel theories, big bangs and exploring new unchartered territories for us. So what’s next? Creating a parallel universe filled with ideaots. Young, bright, happy, stylish, quirky people. Great fun to party with after all, as one of The Big Bag Theory’s lamp likes to say, “They are Party-Trained!”
This is only the beginning and we’re now looking to expand our horizons abroad to US, Europe, Singapore, Dubai and other destinations. Our goal is to make Quirk accessible to everyone and create an even bigger bang.”

Guys! Meghana's stuff is really awesome and can add that extra zing in your mundane everyday life for sure. Check out The Big Bag Theory on FB here  and to order, go to their website. You would definitely love everything there...  

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