Mood of the day : Carelessly Bohemian ft. Deepika Designs

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By Tarry

"  .. Who are you to judge the life I live? I'm not perfect and don't have to be, 
before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean..."
-  Bob Marley

Hello my lovelies,
It's been ages since I did a jotd, ootd or any such post. Last I did was for Christmas.... Actually, things kept piling up... and then, there were so many functions to attend... My bestie got married and all such stuff. Also, I wasn't keeping a bit well too (blame it on the changing season). 

But as I promised on Instagram (follow me there for sure....) I am back, with a bit of a bang bang... ;-) This was a very very casual shoot since I wasn't basically in a mood for an OOTD. But then, I loved what I had put together, carelessly, yet it reflected my bohemian side completely... 

Presenting for you all, Mood of the day, 
Carelessly Bohemian 
ft. Deepika Designs 

 This shoot was actually not planned to be mine. We were actually shooting a wedding portfolio for a close friend's sister. The original location we chose for the shoot had to be changed as it was more than crowded and we felt a tad uncomfortable shooting there. The second location however seemed perfect, as there was barely any crowd. 

I recently got a pair of gorgeous german silver jhumkas from Deepika Designs. Those who know me know how Deepika Designs is one of my favourite brands and the designer, Deepika Gill a favourite person. I had got these earrings to wear with a lovely pendant at my bestie's wedding reception. But the charm of the jhumkas somehow had enveloped me. 
Even though the entire outfit was just carelessly thrown over (cotton skirt from Fabindia, teeshirt from Tantra and a random dupatta), the earrings called out to me to wear them once again. And just these earrings made my entire outfit stand out... Such is the magic and charm of these jhumkas. 

Not talking much since it's just the mood, enjoy the clicks, and the jhumka. 

Btw, you may see some marks on my skin. I recently had a bad bout of breakouts and though they have healed, the signs are still there. And I did not conceal or hide them as I always present the real me on my blog... curvy, healthy, with flaws... You may not love them... but I do... 

I always accept people with their flaws and imperfections because at the end of the day, I know that no one's perfect yet everyone's perfect in their own special way.... What say!! 

Check some more clicks and a closeup of the jhumka too ... 

Earrings : Deepika Designs (Check their FB page here)
Photography : Naeem Chishti 
Concept : Tarannum Manjul 

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