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Ok Ok .... Sorry for being so out of posting last whole week. Those who follow me on instagram know that my bestie got married and I was travelling because of that. Even after coming back, I was dead tired and it took me a long time to actually get back to my energetic self :-) 

As you guys may remember, I had posted my haul recently, where I got loads of sheet masks. And these sheet masks really get very handy, specially when you are travelling. Just put one on your face at night, massage the serum on your face and neck after 30 minutes and voila, when you reach your destination early morning, it's like a mini facial.. :-) 

I have tried some of these sheet masks and will be reviewing them for my PEL pals. While some were just awesome, others were good. 

Now not talking much, let me review one of my favourites from the lot,  

Dress code Black Sheet Mask from

What the brand claims : 
Well most of the stuff is written in Korean, but here is a closer look at the English text. 

$3.20 for one sheet of 27 ml

Only on website. But they ship across the globe. 

On the outside 
This sheet mask comes in a gorgeous packaging that has a beautiful design on it. Infact, it looks an invite to some mysterious ball or party. The eye mask design looks quite appealing. It does have some basic instructions and stuff in English, which makes it a little easy to understand. Overall, attractive packaging. 

On the Inside 

OMG! If I say this is the most gorgeous sheet mask ever, it won't be a lie. It has this eye mask design with small red crystals on it which look so damn attractive. Infact, even after using it up, I have kept this sheet as it looks pretty :-) The sheet is filled with loads of serum, some of which was even left in the packaging (I stored this in a small glass bottle to use for the next two days ;-). After using it for 30 minutes, when you remove the mask, you still have a lot of serum on your face, which can help in a nice relaxing massage. I rubbed the sheet on my neck and upper back for some added spa like effect. 

This one really works, as my skin instantly felt brighter, more plump and smooth, just like after a good facial. All signs of stress were gone, it looked ready for a party or a big event. Also, the impact was much better the next morning, and almost everyone asked me where did i get time for the facial ;-) 

Here is a closer look of the eye area... 

The Mediheal Dress Code Black is from is one of the best sheet masks for all types of skin. I have combination skin and it did not break me out. Instead, it gave me bright, toned up skin which had no signs of stress at all. Plus that extra serum was good to go for the next two days, which added to its benefits. Overall, I am really impressed by this mask and definitely getting more of it. For everyone who needs some pampering, specially before a party or event, Dress Code Black is your armour baby! 

#product provided by brand. Review is honest and completely true, without any biases.  

Do share your comments and views below. Your comments really make us feel so happy :-)  Also, if you are a blogger, leave your blog links and we will surely form a mutual connect. Stay blessed …


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